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Best way to get onto/over the harbour bridge from Mosman

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By Geoff - Posted on 26 September 2009

Hi all,
I'll be participating in the National Ride to work day on OCtober 14th (2009) and I will be riding from Freshwater to Darlinghurst...I've started training already and am doing Manly dam more frequently which is great.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer advice on getting down and up onto the harbour bridge from Mosman/Neutral Bay - i.e which is the best way/most efficient?

Thanks in advance,


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There's a designated route published with back roads from Mosman all the way to the bridge. I used to ride it myself when I lived on the North Shore but alas I'm now Inner West.

Take a look here for more detailed guidance / maps.

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Thanks Heezegeeza - I'll take a look. Smiling

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Hey Geoff
There's quite a few different ways of doing this. I ride Manly Vale to City everyday, you're more then welcome to join me and I'll show the different routes you can take. PM me if you're keen.


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From Neutral Bay (let's say the Big Bear) I'd just blast straight down Bent Street, along Alfred St, left down High St, then right at the lights (Clark Road/Broughton St) and short climb up to the Bridge.

These are hardly back streets but in the morning you should be going faster than the traffic on these roads anyhow - either because of the descent down Bent St or the congestion elsewhere Eye-wink

That overpass East end of Ridge St might look promising but it's actually quiet a pain riding through North Sydney and down to the bridge from there (don't you have to go via Lavender St?).

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My 2c: From Military Rd, turn left onto Ben Boyd Rd at The Oaks, follow down to Kurraba Rd (nice and fast unless you get stuck behind a car), turn right and follow road around Anderson Park down on the water, up the other side (Broughton Rd?) and under the bridge directly to the foot of the bike ramp /stairs.
Good luck with the commute. I started commuting a month or so ago - can't understand why I haven't been doing it for years...

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