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old farts scenic tour of Lidsdale

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By adrian_mole - Posted on 27 September 2009

Sunday, 1 November, 2009 - 09:00
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Lidsdale State Forest
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From Lithgow head on the Western Highway toward Bathurst. After 10-11Km you will head uphill and see thick pine forest to the right. It's dual carriageway here, and there's a right turn across the other lane into Forest Ridge Drive (signposted and a sealed road). About 50m on the left there's a turning where you can park in the shade. There's also an old concrete section of the highway just past there with masses of parking.

-33.437728,150.061347 (Forest Ridge Drive)

weather check

some map ideas

hopefully the new bike cams will be here by then
first lap might be pics for posting for others

but I think there might be either so many trails we'll just tour around here there and everywhere
or might do a few laps of the 8hr track
which for us might be an hour a lap or not
being a lap area, go and enjoy yourself, well be close, hard to get lost

Who's in?
marhleet, adrian_mole
marhleet adrian_mole
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today's weather check says rain Fri Sat and Sun
so if it keeps up like that, we'll give it a miss and watch the grand final instead

so moved it a week later

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looks like rain again!
argh ...

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I think it will be clear & hot 33 degrees

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not today or yesterday or tomorrow
on Sunday, thilly!

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when you guys finally get there please take a snap

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dammit, it's the weather, not me
i'm out of condition after so long off the bike ;-(

but, we have 5/6 video cameras in hand now plus the two digitals
there should be heaps of snaps and crap video and hopefully falling down and laughing and enjoyment
(and BBQ and food and rest and pushing on and smacking ppl upside the ear for not listening, uhm, where was I up to .... )

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Should have went anyway... Lidsdale drains very well and unless it is p155ing down at the time it's generally in good nick.

We raced there last night. Top fire rd was slippery at the usual bog hole but otherwise the trail was fine

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Went out at about 10am with the kids but didn't see anyone other than the local secret trainers

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