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Snapped Frame Stack

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What brand of bike was he riding?

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Yep - that's one lucky dude. That looked a lot worse than it ended up, eh.
Reckon the bike was under warranty? Bit of an extreme approach to getting a new toy Eye-wink

Hans's picture's a 2009 Kona Hei Hei.... Sad Sponsored issues with warranty. Eye-wink

LadyToast's picture

Did you catch where the track was?

EDIT: wagga

Hans's picture

Kona is getting a reputation?

This looks more like rider error.... Sad

hawkeye's picture

Yup, I reckon you're right Hans - looks like he grabbed an handful of front brake in a moment of excitement - or is that panic. How many times do we have to say it? Use ONE FINGER. Sad Eye-wink Laughing out loud

Glad to read the guy in the frame breakage stack came out OK. I always shudder when I see folks hit the deck hard like that and then not move. Urrrgh! (Shudders, mutters to self, and clicks on a different topic...)

evan's picture

looks awfully dusty but awfully good fun. Smiling

Nic's picture

Still at 0:07 - look at the shadow:

Snapped Frame Stack - still at 0:07

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