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Northbridge BMX track Sailors Bay Rd, (near golf course & tennis courts)

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By mattyt - Posted on 12 November 2009

Hi all, please give your support ...

I am currently involved, along with a few other locals, in transforming the BMX dirt jump track to a "Pump" track.
At present the track is in a state of disrepair & neglect due to lack of maintenance, therefore not completely safe or practical for general use, especially for younger children.

There is already a Dirt Jump track at Castle Cove, nearby.

We have had a meeting with the "Parks & Reserves Co ordinator" from Willoughby Council to discuss converting this space to a "Pump" track which will cater for the local community to provide a safe, practical working bike track for people of all ages, skill & ability.

The "Parks & Reserves Co ordinator" has asked us to drum up as much support as possible by sending him an email, outlining benefits of a Pump track.

*** If you have the time & inclination, especially if you're in the Willoughby Municipality please drop an email in support of this project/proposal to :
Adam Cole
Parks and Reserves Co-ordinator
Willoughby City Council

See my letter -

I am writing to you in regards to the dirt jump track located at Northbridge, Sailors Bay Rd.

My name is XXXXX, I live at XXXXX.

I enjoy cycling, in particular Mountain Biking but i am limited for safe & appropriate places to ride within my local community.
More importantly, my concerns for safety extend to being able to teach my young family & their friends cycling skills without risk to themselves or others.

Currently the Dirt Jump track at Northbridge hasn't been maintained, therefore has been left in a state of disrepair & neglect.
This site would be perfect for a suitable track to teach children & have a local track for myself to challenge & improve my skills, as well as servicing the local community.

This would involve minimal changes from it's current state, changing it from a "Dirt Jump" track to a "Pump" track & would be great for the local community to be involved in.

There are so many benefits for having this track & the location of this track within a family orientated area, such as Northbridge & it's neighboring suburbs, that cannot be ignored.

Also, it's a way for the community to see it's local council being involved promoting a healthy outdoor alternative for their families'.

Benefits include :

* safe cycling track
* keeps kids out of mischief eg vandalism
* healthy out door facility
* prevent kids from riding on roads & footpaths
* central place to supervise children & their friends
* lowers risk to pedestrians
* increase cycling awareness
* environmental benefits
* positive council exposure
* provide local community hub
* service a lot of young families
* low maintenance (which local community can be a part of & children can learn)
* reduce obesity
* will prevent kids making alternate unsustainable tracks
* develop cycling skills
* provide local schools with another avenue of recreation
* will cater for cyclists of all skill levels
* people of the local community won't have to drive to a track
* increase environmental awareness amongst children eg bushcare & erosion issues

As i have pointed out there are so many benefits & there are many more.

Cycling brings people & the community together also providing a recreation that the whole family can enjoy while keeping fit/healthy at the same time.

Please consider my points & approve of a change to the current site to a Pump track to provide, what will be a very very beneficial, facility to the people of Willoughby Muncipality."

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Good letter, but maybe explain what a pump track is and how it differs from a dirt jump track.

I'm a mountain biker and don't know the diff, so there's every chance the council bloke won't either.

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you're right an oversight on my part......
We have actually already had a meeting with him at the site which was very positive.
He does know what a pump track is, he is being very, very pro active about it which is an encouraging start.
So much so, he suggested a couple of us write directly to Councillors of Willoughby Council, giving me their contacts etc etc, which i have done.

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A pump track is a short circular track, designed as a loop or series of joined loops ridden by both BMX & Mountain Bike riders. These tracks have a series of roller jumps & banked corners & may include small jumps & other obstacles. Riders compress ("pump") their bikes into & out of each roller & turn so their momentum carries them around the track without the need for pedaling. These tracks are generally suitable for beginner riders, & become harder as they are ridden faster, hence their equal appeal to more advanced riders. Pump tracks are an ideal public mountain bike facility as they suit all skill levels & are very economical to build.

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as a new resident to that area (crows nest) I will definitely get on board with this!

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I made a simple walk around HD vid just because I got some nice cameras to try and 'we' live around the corner

it's as it is, just so you can see the size of the area
which does go back beyond the u-turn berm but that area is re-overgrown almost back to natural state
but it used to be a cycle track there too

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My son, his friends and I (as sensible adult) organised the original track through the council as the previous area (behind the berm) was being abused and destroyed - it is now a regrowth area and can't be used by bikes. Council were very supportive and supplied a council architect to help us. We tested, retested and adjusted all the jumps, doubles and start ramp with a bobcat to be usable for expert and young kids - with an easier right hand line. The berm at the end was never quite built correctly and was originally a lot higher and could be railed a higher speed than now. It has been repaired and readjusted many times by locals. It would definitely work as a pump track - I've often thought of this so I'm more than happy to help. I live around the corner in Aubrey Rd - contact me if you want - Phil 0419 240 941.

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guys, how is this tracking? have you got the approval's to make this a pump track? do you need more support?
i am not in the willoughby area myself but definately support your idea in providing a pump track for the wider community.
I am also more than willing to help out (provided someone teaches me how to ride a pump track Sticking out tongue )

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It's been submitted to Northbridge Park Masterplan which is open until 3rd of March.
A process but here's hoping to progress.

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Ok, we have Council approval and a builder has been chosen!! Soil has already been delivered

Work will hopefully commence week of Tues 28th Sept if all goes well

We need volunteers to help knock this over during the week and by the weekend

If you are free to help shovel and shape let us know, send over your details

We have formed a committee as requested by Council, to manage this facility and the castlecove jumps, and recommend any potential sites and projects. this council is really good to deal with and are willing to listen...

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Mark Chan
0410 544 239

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All local riders

work starts on the Tues 28th, with enough volunteers there is no reason why we cant knock this over by the weekend, minus a few tweaks here and there

If you could kindly lend us a hand for a few hrs on any of the days between Tues - Sun, let me know

the roster so far is on this thread on rotorburn

own shovels, and buckets would be good, and if you come on the weekend feel free to bring your bike to help test some of the features as well



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2nd day on it & we are making real progress, it really is coming along well & starting to take shape.

The boys from Trailblazing Bros & volunteers are getting stuck into it & doing a great job.

This facility is designed to cater for all skill levels, from the kiddies on their 1st bike to the most skilled rider, so everyone will benefit from it.

We are hoping to knock this over by Sunday so we need as many helpers as we can get between now & then, many hands make light work.
Even if you can offer an hour it all helps, as well as gaining experience in track design & building.


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well said Matt

here's some pics from day 2 (and thats matty on the hose)



we could use the help Nobmob, so we can hopefully get version 1 finished by the public holiday

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Here's a vid with the lastest incarnation of the track

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Hi Guys

Thanks to all who have confirmed that you are attending tomorrow (Sat 28th May) maintenance day.
I know a lot of you are sacrificing riding hours to help out tomorrow, but its for the greater good and future trail advocacy with the councils. Some people are coming a long way to help so we appreciate it.
We should have a good crew there tomorrow and a BBQ is planned too at lunch time so bring a few bucks for snags.

start time is 8.30 am with Trail boss's are Dave Musgrove and Oli Kristevic, sorting tasks out

work will be carried out on
resurfacing the track
Building the berms higher
Additional Rollers

Please bring a hat, gloves and suitable footwear

These are the tools we will need you to bring if you can

Metal Rake
Wheel Barrows
Buckets or watering cans

If anyone has access to a Whacker Plate please let us know

If you haven't got any of the stuff dont worry, we will still need you.

Thanks all, see you tomorrow

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