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Blue Mountains - Fire Ban?

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By waterboy18 - Posted on 19 December 2009

G'day - My apologies for what may be a n00b question.

I've recently made it over here from Canada. I was hoping to ride the oaks and andersons, and I'm getting a little confused by the fire ban policy. The DECCW website is listing a major fire in the Blue Mtns Park, with a few closed or affected areas. Does this mean that the oaks and andersons trails are closed to riding as well?

I've been keeping an eye here:


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andersons is closed due to previous fires, danger of falling branches/trees and was showing yesterday

it's not on todays update, which might be an error, doubt it s just ok now
it's a long way to read the signs on the gate saying no no
ring the blackheath office and ask
and if you go, drop in at springwood police at let them know you're going too

current fires are on the north side of the highway (Winmalee closed)

oaks is the south side but check for local conditions
if there is a TFB all parks would be closed so we don't have to find your body after the fire goes through

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Hi Guys, even though Andersons is closed you are still allowed to ride the Inga FT. There are sighs on the gate saying that Andos is closed. INGA is OPEN. We rode the Inga Oaks double last week and all is good; There is Hazard tape closing off no go ares of Andos

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Yeah... see conversation here:

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Blue Gum Swamp and Grose Head South at Winmalee are open. Get into it. The fire in the Grose was apparently started by a campfire.

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