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Windows Mobile

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By loki - Posted on 10 January 2010

This is a request for a Windows Mobile compatible version of this web site!
The standard version does not display well on my Windows Mobile device Sad

Any chance we can get a 'mobile' optimised version of this web site?

FYI I'm using an HTC device running Win Mobile v6.1 or v6.5 and Internet Explorer.


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We use Drupal here, and there is a mobile module that strips things down when it detects mobile viewing. See:

I have been thinking about this for a while now. Hmmmm...

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Loki, what browser are you using on the phone? I used to use opera and it displayed this site ok.

I know what you mean though, on any mobile it's nice to filter out everything other than the essentials, especially if you are trying to keep the bill down.

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sorry Rob...

I knew this was going to involve work! just hoping to guage user interest as to whether it's worth the effort?

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could you just register the .mobi

it reduces the web content to suit mobile screens automatically from memory?

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Eh? No, no... how would registering another domain do that? Sticking out tongue

FWIW, the Opera mobile browser is like a proxy that does this for you.

The stuff I posted before is just a theme, you need a module to auto-detect a mobile browser and switch that theme on automatically. It's all do-able, but it's doing it in a way that's easy to control and doesn't break other things that will be hard (as usual).

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Erm... not thanks. Sorry, but no way we'll be using a service like that. So far I've only seen Loki say he actually wants this, anyone else?

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was just showing how others do it, as you don't have to change the site, it does it for you.

Thought id post up about .mobi becuase i too have tried to use it on my own windows mobile while on holiday, and thought the same as Loki.
It definitely would not be a bad thing with "smart" phones becoming more and more Net friendly each day and just about about everybody having lightning fast net on their phones and wanting to keep up to the minute with their fav sites.

Personally i don't like the idea of having mobile net unless it is absolutely necessary, but even so just about all sites with large user numbers are trying to find ways to make their sites more mobile/iphone (or the like) friendly because that is the direction the world is heading,mobile everything:)

For the record: I'm very happy with the site the way it is, but if you do add mobi or the like in the future, i would use it from time to time for sure
1. when I'm mtbing away and want to find trails and so on listed on Nobmob
2. want a "quick fix" of recent posts while away from home for a great deal of time Smiling

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I'd like a mobile version too Smiling

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