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St.Helena - what has happened???

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By Alistair - Posted on 15 January 2010

I went to so the St.Helena Track last weekend, and discovered to my horror that the entire section from the Oaks turnoff to the crossroad junction has been widened and made into sandy fire trail! When did this happen?? I live in Syndey so only get to go there every few months, so presumably this happened a while ago? I last did the trail in August/ September, so was expecting the same sweet singletrack that it has always been. I couldn't believe what had been done, and didn't even recognise the trail crossroads so ended up turning left (on the main track) and got lost. Only when I back tracked did I realise my mistake. I also met a trail runner who was coming back the other way as he had also got lost and couldn't find the correct path.
I understand that it is important to have good access for the firies, but it is such a shame that the Blue Mountains' best singletrack has been destroyed. Now it's become an Oaks clone......Sad

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St Helana's was so much fun. Even the hike-a-bike out was great, totally felt like you we're doing real adventure mountain bike stuff.

Fat Hippy mentioned it was being bulldozed. Great for the Firies but crap for us Sad

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i never did get around to going down that trail. next time i said. snooze i lose.

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A real shame, as the first half of St Helena's out and back was close to as good as it gets, if you liked the rough stuff. But alas, I understand why it needed to be. Sad

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