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Oaks Trail Status?

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By hawkeye - Posted on 04 February 2010

Got a ride down The Oaks booked with a few mates for Sunday. Does anyone have an update on the state of the trail with all the rain the last few days?

Rain's supposed to clear substantially overnight Saturday evening, but I read just a few minutes ago there has been land slippage interrupting Blue Mountains train services, including one at Woodford.

This'll be my first time on Oaks - but I'd rather it not be on a wet slippy trail. Any current information would be welcome.

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Well yesterday and last night it rained cows and horses, cats and dogs are just too small to describe it.
The Oaks drains really well and the fire road part holds almost no water.

The windy flowing single track (AKA pinch flat alley, you have been warned) below the gate will have a few puddles but is easy in any conditions, you have to be really pushing hard to have a challenge here.

The rocky techy bit towards the end will also be ok to ride and holds little water, this is the reward of doing the Oaks ride, if I was doing the Oaks for the 1st time and recovering from an accident I'd walk a few bits here, but with your butt way back you can take any line though here sucessfully.
Have fun Smiling
Cheers John.

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the trail was fine as described above but it look like i had crapped myself when i finished ... the mud really stained also ... even after soaking for a week the shorts still had faint brown spots on them ... recommend a change of clothes and towel in the car ...

+1 the rocky techy bit towards the end is the reward of doing the Oaks ride ...

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The Parks site is saying the Glenbrook causeway is flooded at the moment.

Never seen this myself, it's always been ankle deep when I've ridden it. Any locals able to say how quickly the level usually drops?

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no trains at the moment between katoomba and springwood ...


the trail sucks at the moment ... i.e. no good ...

maybe next week instead ...

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I totally forgot to mention the causeway, if it's flooded you'll be riding back up to Woodford so definately check before you leave, I've never been caught out but many have.

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I'd say mammoths and elephants
I've never encountered such heavy and sustained rain in my life
You could shoot the rapids in my backyard

For a born and bred city slicker
This place sure throws up some wild weather of all types

But the trails and lack of humidity make it all worthwhile, eh Groove
(sorry to go off topic)

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showers and thunderstorms
followed by
more rain
and then some thundershowers
Springwood weather
and it's been raining everywhere the last week, i'd say good day for pictures at the weir, bring your wellys.

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I was also planning the Oaks for this weekend, but give the amount of water that has fallen from the sky tonight there is a strong chance the causeway will be under 6 feet of water, been higher with less rain. I would advise you check first.

We on the other hand are doing the Shaws ridge / Blue gum Bees nest swamp double loop. that should be sooooo much dryer

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It has rained ALL FREAKIN' NIGHT! Blue Gum Swamp etc is about as dry as an undry thing. Judging by the amount of water running off from our back yard into the swamp, I reckon you'd have more fun with a lilo.

Those attending will be absolutely loving the 24 hour today!

EDIT 0800hrs: The missus has just rung from work at Glenbrook NP, and the causeway is currently at 3 metres!

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That would be a sight to behold.

Wow check out yesterday's rain tallies.

112mm in Katoomba. 150mm (!!!) in Valley Heights. No wonder they are getting landslides.

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Gasp gasp
No threat of bushfires at the moment

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Just came back from a visit to Glenbrook NP. The water has dropped to below 2 metres but it was well above 5 metres!!!! There are trees and rocks down everywhere. While we were there 2 guys on bikes came down to the causeway after doing the Oaks and expressed surprise at how high the water was(?!?!?!?!?). They then proceeded to strip off and wade across. The water came up to their throats. Pics as soon as the camera battery recharges.

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Awesome - can't wait to see your pics.

From memory there's a pretty big sign at the top of the Oaks saying that the Causeway may be impassible in heavy rain. Yet still these guys set out?!?

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We should see these guys on the nightly news been rescued!!!! Not very clever.

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Needless to say the ride's been postponed.

Thanks for the heads up re: the causeway: good call.


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