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Please vote for DH in the mountains

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 24 March 2010

Only takes 10 seconds...

At the moment 85% of respondents are in favor of the recent closure of Old Bathurst Road downhill trail at Blaxland in the lower blue mountains.

This decision has set a bad precedent.

Please take the 10 seconds to click no and even up the score for MTB'ers.


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Down to 67.8% in support now, click away all.

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all done, but do I vote below, too? If so, should I go for:
Gilly? Ruddy?, Hockey??, Turny?, Abbo? or What?
how is ur Girlfriend?

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Would be my choice.

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Gilly? Definite maybe
Ruddy? Perhaps, but needs an ultimate makeover
Hockey? Needs to go on biggest loser
Turny? He is the biggest loser
Abbo? Bless you my son
What? Gets my vote

how is ur Girlfriend? No comment

The blue mountains is mostly bush
But no downhill and sweet FA single track - legally speaking
Please vote kids and show our numbers

Thanks again

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no's up to 75%, good work!

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Thanks all
Keep on voting

Q: Do you support Blue Mountains City Council's decision to close the downhill bike tracks?
Total Votes: 453
Poll Date: 24 March, 2010

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"Q: Should Marcus North play in the third test?



I don't like cricket

Total Votes: 3935
Poll Date: 06 January, 2010
You have voted in this poll."


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and submitted a comment promoting riders' common ground with environmentalists.

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