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Looking for a place to ride in Port Macquarie

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By Sinkes - Posted on 17 April 2010

Looking at heading up the coast to Port Macquarie next weekend...any tips on places to ride would be appreciated..xc only.
Cheers Ben

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Have you riden any these trails!!
What would you recommend!
I want a medium/hard trail but not overly technical......hence single track or fire trial.... 25-30+km

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i haven't ridden there myself but know people who have, they tell me it's fast flowing single track & lots of fun.It shouldn't be too technical as this is their xc race track.

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telegraph point has great single track nice and flowing with some cool features also queens lake has miles of single track and fire trail but it is easy to get lost in there, check out hastings valley mtb riders web site it has plenty of info, another good spot is bago mountain at wauchope its got heaps of trails too,i have ridden all of these and it is one of my favourite ride destinations .

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Looking forward to it...thanks for the tips.

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