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Dirtworks Classic 2007

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By Rob - Posted on 25 March 2007

Sunday, 6 May, 2007 - 06:30
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road
Ride Database Entry: 
Womerah Range
Meeting Point: 

St Albans, NSW

St Albans, NSW

Let the pain begin Eye-wink

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Rob Dirtworks Disaster Finished 07:54:50 421 100Km/Male/Veteran 194

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competitor list is up,
better make sure your on it!

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got the areoguard packed already! Dam Wisemans mozzies.

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I know this has been brought up on another thread but any ideas on which sections people would prefer to camp in. I am assuming that most of us would like to be in the same sort of location so we can heckle eachother the morning of the race.

I was thinking of getting there for around 2-3pm, was anyone planning on getting there earlier?


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If you look at the map on page 12 of the details, there's a camping area which includes some tennis courts - I've been there the last couple years and it's been OK.

If there's no other ideas then reckon we should set up here, there's a pic of it here: Dirtworks Camping.

As you can see, the 'cafe' on the map (which is a bit crappy to be honest - the map I mean) is actually adjacent to this area so you probably want to be as far from the road by that cafe (and therefore as close to the courts) as you can get.

To the left in the picture there's a row of quiet tall and thick trees which make a nice break between this area and the next. The one West (to the left in the photo) is too close to the pub to be honest.

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also noticed that there is different start times (see page 4), i think this is a good idea as should spread the field out a bit and make for a faster and safer start to the race. Your time starts from when you cross the timing matt so even if you start in the last group (7am) you wont be disadvantaged with 30mins extra on your time. Good idea i think.

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looks like the weather may be nice to us

Sunday - mostly sunny
Min 9 degrees c
Max 20 degrees c
less than 10% chance of rain and is the same for the few days after so may be lucky
20 degress is good riding weather too so should be a good day

Rob's picture

OMG... now you've done it! Sad


P.S. I hear from a little birdy that someone might want to ditch their 50K ride, so if anyone missed out on an entry for the 50 shout out!

leximack's picture

so who is wimping out, please tell??

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i wont be getting to the campsite till about 5.30 or 6pm, my mate Keith will be there earlier to setup tent. Is there plans for a get together for dinner at the pub?? Nice way to relax before the 100km of pain

pikey's picture

I keeping with my usual training regshime I will be attending a very close friends 40th on the Saturday night then driving down, or in my case down then up.

I will be fully prepared for line honours! Dislocated pinkies or not.

Bring on the losers Eye-wink


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A trip to the pub could be on the cards, but I'll be eating at 'home' Sat evening. Something exquisite like pasta/tuna/pesto mix no doubt.

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I've just spent the day in bed... Damn flu! Just standing up makes me out of breath...
Hope to be right by the friday, otherwise anybody keen for 100kms?

leximack's picture

ar_junkie, stay in bed, eat soup, shove your head in a steaming bowl or whatever you think will help the flu go away faster.
Hope you get well enough to ride on sunday, i am nursing a sore right knee and left calf muscle, couldnt walk up a flight of stairs without pain a few days ago. Each day is better so hoping i will be close to 100% on sunday

Rob's picture

Erm... yes... the GF was wiped out all last weekend with flu. Yesterday I woke with the slight tickle back of throat that tells you something is up. Still there this eve and am feeling rather lethargic. Not that I was going to ride this week, but some gym work should have been in order - cancelled.

Anyhow - fingers cross and all that that this passes for us both (and anyone else - there's a lot of it going round).

See you there either way, but it would be nice to be feeling a bit healthier come the weekend!

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Hi Guys,

For those Edge owners doing the 100km this Sunday, I have cobbled together a course from my GPS data from last year's event, and the course description for this years race. I probably don't have the river crossing location exactly correct, and the VP will be a bit slow for some, but here it is ...

Dirtworks 2007 Course (estimated)

A .crs file can be downloaded from the above link, and then downloaded to your Edge (with MB Agent or imported to TC and transfered from there) I've checked that it tranfers OK with the MB Agent, and the map and profile look OK, so hope it works as supposed to (if using TC to transfer, make sure you are using version 3.1.4 or 3.2.3, problems reported with 3.2.1 and 3.2.2)


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Thanks for working this out, I had no idea where we were going from the bottom of Shepherds Gully!

Doesn't look too tough at all. Think I won't bother with the CRS mind, will follow where the marshals point Eye-wink

ianm's picture

That 2nd hill looks less steep than the first, even visibly so on the profile. Whether it's ridable by me at the 74 km mark is open to question though Eye-wink

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so are we all confirmed on the camping spot near the tennis courts? im going up early on sat to save embarrassement on setting the new tent up with all my shiny new gear. ill be the one with a white ute, bald head and swearing a lot!!!

Alex's picture

hey just thought i'd say good luck to all you dirtworks-ers!

Bruce's picture

Hey Gazza,

Evan & I are planning to arrive at the camp ground nice & early too, will be near the tennis courts. I'll be the one also with the white ute, not so bald head, but still swearing a lot!

christine's picture

Have a great time and don't forget to post what happens!
by the way Bruce - I suspect Gaz may be able to out-swear anyone!

Have fun!

MEEE Smiling

Bruce's picture

This might be true Christine but how is he going to find his way there with out you to give directions? hope he does better than the drive to Lithgow Smiling Sorry Gaz but it had to be said. Haha

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Hello fellow 50 kers. As I'm not arriving until around 7:30am please keep an eye out for me as i'll be the one lonely and scared. Are most considering themselves in the:

9:00 Group 1- Fare dingcome
9:10 Group 2- Willing to have a go
9:20 Group 3- Just hoping to finish

I think I will go for the group 2 (although group 2.5 would suite me better)

We/I need a phone number list so we can find each other.

Me: Greg 0431 703 266

I'm sure I'll find you's all


Truthman's picture

From what I read in the instructions there is no mobile phone coverage in st albans.

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