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newbie does 600k to raise money to help prevent human trafficking

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By nix85 - Posted on 01 June 2010

Hey everyone,
my friend Ingrid is a newbie to riding and has decided to undertake 600km bike ride through Vietnam and Cambodia with a charity called PROJECT FUTURES, a charity that, in affiliation with the Somaly Mam foundation, helps to raise money to help the millions of innocent children sold into sex slavery every year. I told her i would help spread the word in the bike community. she's written to the herald and is facebook circulating the below facts to help get some awareness and raise some money for the foundation

Some facts about the now billion dollar child sex trafficking industry in SE Asia:
2-4 million young women and children will be sold in the sex trade in the next year.
Human trafficking is the second largest organised crime in the world. It has become a bigger business than drug trafficking.
Profits from sex slavery exceed US9.5 billion per year.
Human trafficking victims are subject to rape, torture, forced abortions, starvation and threats to family members.
Each year over a million children are exploited into the commercial sex industry.
Many of these children are sold for as little as $10 and some as young as 5 years old.

Ingrid wants to make a difference, and this ride is one way that she is going about it, she would appreciate any donations to help support the cause.

Please watch this short 4min video on Somaly Mam. It describes the work of this truly inspirational woman and the type of work the foundation is involved in

You can support the cause by SPONSORING ingrid at (click on ‘sponsor me’ under my name)

A small amount can make a huge difference in the lives of these young children.

Unfortunately donations are not tax deductible (unless you live in America) but it is truly a worthwile cause as im sure you’ve already realised after watching the video.

cheers thanks

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