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Anywhere to ride?

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By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 26 May 2010

Is there anywhere to ride within 2-3 hours on sydney that is dry/dryish? xc/trail stuff.

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Brian's picture

Just checked the BOM rainfall in the last 24 hours and I don't think that place exists right now Sad

PS. I assume you meant 2-3 hours by car Smiling

hairylittlehobbit's picture

If i had a plane or chopper i'd probably use it to go for a ride.

Lenny_GTA's picture

Absolutely pouring in Newcastle, so I wouldn't head this direction.

Good weekend for trail building in Glenrock though. Hopefully the ground won't be like concrete.

Bikeboy's picture

Jump in the car , drive to the LBS and buy an indoor trainer and watch a DVD whilst staying dry ....

hawkeye's picture

... or maybe a spin class Smiling

daveh's picture

Or just put in some intensive couch time interspersed with ordering new parts and tinkering with the bike. You can have your spin class, that is my plan!

hawkeye's picture

I need to burn off the multiple servings of hot chips I've enjoyed so far this week. Shocked

Logan's picture

3 times in the week in the mornings and then a couple of circuit sessions as well.

Brian's picture

Agree with Dave. I've done all my internet shopping now plan to just veg out Smiling

Lach's picture

to get anywhere outside this rain belt.

Me, I'm "tapering" for the Capital Punishment, where "tapering" means doing nothing on a bike since last Thursday. Besides, the Prophet's clean and all my gear is dry, so I'll be trying to keep them that way until Saturday.....

browny's picture

meh, still commuting every day. I refuse to let the weather beat me.

Rob's picture

Good on ya! As they say, there's no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes for the conditions.

That sets off memories of riding to work in Amsterdam. One that sticks - cold, dark, torrential rain. The electronic clock/thermometer I always rode past read 7:30am - 3 degrees. I was happily cruising along in jeans and over trousers with tee shirt, sweater and Gore-Tex up top. Think I was wearing ski gloves too. Might as well as been a summers day Eye-wink

Mind you - here I'm just getting over a lingering cold and going stir crazy, don't think heading out in the rain is on the cards just yet!

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Haha I love that quote "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes." Laughing out loud

I commuted today, 29km to Sydney Olympic Park. Took the rain jacket off after I'd warmed up and was very comfortable. I feel great! Laughing out loud

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I've kept commuting almost everyday, there's something almost theraputic about riding in the rain....
almost as nice as looking forward to a nice warm shower at the end.

downside is shoes have been wet for almost 2 weeks though.

flubberghusted's picture

Apparently the Blue Mtns escapes a lot of the drenching the metro basin gets smashed with.

We're gonna give the Oaks a run on Saturday ... or maybe even Sunday.

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I rode there last weekend in the WSMTB club meet and it was dry, checking the weather the richmond area has only had 20mm since Sunday, although most of that in the last day or so, comparitively we've had about 60mm on the LNS.

I'm tempted to head out tomorrow!

hairylittlehobbit's picture

If its any good, let the rest of us know

ADtheglorious's picture

Just going to check the weather later tonight to see what's been happening out there and I hope to head out for a few hours in the morning, I'll do an update in the trail section, hopefully tomorrow afternoon.

Christoffa's picture

Rain or shine doing GBK to WFD to GBK that will help, had to put of the GBK to WTF due to track work, 50k/1000m I love climbs Smiling

hawkeye's picture

I have no idea what you just said LOL!

I suppose we try could heading 2-3+ hours out west. Orange is 3 1/2 hours from Manly Dam early on a weekend morning via Bells Line of Road.

Brian's picture

Interpretation == Glenbrook to Woodford to Glenbrook

hawkeye's picture

I was thrown by the WTF... haha

unwritten's picture

I was interested in riding Appin for the first time tomorrow morning - does anyone have any idea how it has held up with the rain?

jimnobob's picture

My money is on Warragamba Dam being the driest and sunniest place to be this weekend.

Scottboy's picture

it might be worth a visit if you haven't been there b4 it is fun & challenging

obmal's picture

either that or buy a freeking road bike.. two weekends of rain in a row FFS!!

Glen's picture

Thinking of heading to Yarramundi tomorrow, any updates on track condition out there?

Lenny_GTA's picture

...I've gone and gotten a road bike and will be hitting the road sunday. Don't care how wet it is, I'm going for a ride.

I'll get my dirt fix trail building tomorrow.

browny's picture

So, my dilemma.

Anyone know what the trail conditions are like, still too wet to ride?

Do I take Friday's RDO off or bank it for a sunny day?

BT's picture

The Dam/Red Hill/Northern Beaches will still be sodden for sure. More rain forecast this week too.

I'm hoping for Yellowmundee this weekend if someone can confirm it's relatively dry...?

browny's picture

hmm after checking the BOM, not so good...

Thu - A few showers
Fri - Rain periods
Sat - A few showers

craked's picture

menai holds up well after rain just avoid the 4WD bog holes

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