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By Mike_H - Posted on 13 June 2010

Could anyone suggest a route that would be a good one for a ride tomorrow with my g/f. It will be the first time she's ridden over here (have recently emigrated fron the UK), so whilst she's a capable rider, she hasn't ridden for a while and I don't want to put her off her off with anything too technical just yet - ideally mainly firetrack with maybe a bit of singletrack here and there, nice views etc etc. We're in central Sydney so can go in any direction really - just looking for the right trail to get her back into it.

Thanks for any ideas


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Loftus Oval - Royal National Park. She'll love it.

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good mixof fire road and single track

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Mostly fire trail, well drained. We rode it yesterday and the track was in good condition. Others would be suffering from the heavy rain we've had the last few weeks. (We prefer to stay away from muddy trails due to the damage it does.)

Thee are nice views in spots as Centre runs along the ridgeline. Riding time is about an hour depending on fitness. A good beginner's ride, especially if slightly jetlagged...

You can add Perimeter and Long for an out-and-back, but we found it was a bit boggy in places yesterday and our drivetrains sounded like they were suffering badly from the accumulated grit by the end. However, there are some nice views from Long trail, especually the turing circle at the end.

Here's the DH+C route we rode yesterday:

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If you're heading to the Royal National Park, try this:

Or the even easier one there is out and back along Lady Carrington Drive:

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go the Royal National Park

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nothing technical it is a good ride round trip there & back under 2 hrs cruising , if you haven't been there of course try to follow someone there are firetrails everywhere there

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Excellent - thanks for all the replies - plenty of options there


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