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Narrabeen Lagoon Multi-use Trail Gets Green Light

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By nrthrnben - Posted on 19 June 2010

After months of designing, surveying, and conducting environmental and impact assessments, construction is about to start on Stage 1 of the missing section of multi-use trail that will complete circumnavigation of Narrabeen Lagoon.

Stage 1 of the two-stage project is scheduled to commence in July 2010 and involves the construction of an 850m trail between Deep and Middle Creeks. Construction of the 850m of trail is being managed by Warringah Council and is expected to be completed by early 2011.

Stage 2 of the project will involve upgrades to Middle Creek Reserve as well as trail and bridge infrastructure to navigate through the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation and the Cromer Golf Club. Investigations are already underway and design is due to commence in the coming months.
“The new section of trail will provide the community with opportunities for physical recreation and will increase awareness of the environmental and cultural amenities of the lagoon,” said Mayor Regan.

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That's cool... is there a map of where these links are? Do we know what type of path is being built? Eg. is this sealed or not?

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Just sent council and the mayor an email praising their perseverence in seeing the project through to this stage: I think it's a good thing to encourage people by catching them out doing things right.

Didn't think to ask about whether the trail will be sealed or not. Hopefully not. Bitumen and concrete are horribly expensive anyway, so the probability of unsealed would be higher I reckon. Hopefully it will be the crushed granite they've used already on the trail along the western foreshore north of Deep Creek.

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Here's the link to Warringah Council's web page with a map & details

No mention of how the surface will be finished.

The section between Deep Creek & Middle Creek has already been cleared & pegged out - you can catch glimpses of it as you drive along Wakehurst Parkway. However the pedestrian bridge over Deep Creek will be built later, so in the interim you'd either have to negotiate the existing narrow road bridge with traffic travelling at 80kmh, or detour upstream through the dog exercise park to a walking bridge that involves several steps up & down, & then back down to cross Wakehurst Parkway to pick up the trail again.

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Will most likely be hard packed dirt surface considering the setting and the surface of the trail leading up to it and after it.

Lots of info in the following link about the overall vision:

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I reckon it will be the same surface that currently makes up the trail/track that runs parrallel to Wakehurst Parkway at the start.

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cause I took the kids there weekend before last and the 5 year old who is not long off her trainers coped easily with it. She only managed to scare a few trees and none of them were harmed in anyway...... the same can't be said for the nice playground along the Parkway though.....Smiling

Looking forward to the end result.

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