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Marramarra - the grand expedition

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 10 April 2007

Sunday, 29 April, 2007 - 08:30
4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Marramarra National Park
Meeting Point: 

Bloodwood Road, Fiddletown - (will get a map reference shortly)


Hi all,

Some people are interested in getting back out to the Marramarra National Park. Me? I will be a first timer.

By the sound of the trail review (thanks Rob!) this will be an interesting ride that contains all the hallmarks of a fantastic single trail ride. Uphill, downhill, single trail, some fire trail, rocky bits, excellent exploration, and a lot of fun! Come along and join in the good times.

Trail review is here:

Google Map is here:

An earlier discussion of this proposed ride is here:
(please post to the calendar topic now, not the old thread)

I'll get better meeting point address shortly, but for the moment, just know that this trail in about 20-30 min drive N/W of Hornsby.

If there are any drama's on the day, call me. Remember, lurkers are people too!

0438 885 410.

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christine's picture

but will need directions - bearing in mind Gazza is sacked!! hee hee

Little-Ditty's picture

I have received a sobby, pleading request from a regular to move this ride from Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th. Seeing you both have provided the most interest in the date specified (Rob, you called the date in fact), would you mind? It might make the group bigger on the day. No biggie if you had made preparations already. I am happy to keep the date as is, as you guys got in first. Let me know when you can. Cheers! Smiling

Rob's picture

Sure... I can do 29th also if you like.

It's probably not wise to have too large a group here. Mind you, we could always split in two if that happened.

evan's picture

Oooowww, just had my arm twisted for this one. Count me in.


christine's picture

I am fairly sure I have to go to a book launch for a friend - who wrote the book - but will see if I can get out of it...
Otherwise, have a great time!

MEEEE Smiling

Sprocket's picture

I live in Galston. For those who do not know how to get to the trail head, meet me 45 mins before hand 7:45 in the parking lot in front of the bottle shop at the main roundabout in the village and we can drive out to the trail head in convoy. Metallic Nissan Xtrail and yellow bike!!


Little-Ditty's picture

Note to brain - the day has been moved to SUNDAY 29th.

Christine, I hope you can still make it. You know I will miss your gossip comments on a longer ride like this. It is your forte after all.


lorrie's picture

You wont be getting too may comments from me as I haven't been out on the bike much as i am stuck in England working and with an English cold! doh! I even brought all my bike kit over and i was so pumped to do some trails in wales!

See you on then


Little-Ditty's picture

Hey Andrew,

Sounds like you WOULD BE enjoying your time there, if you weren't sick. Too bad matey. Hope you are on the improve.

But you think the weather is bad over there? You should see the amount of rain we had over the last week. The trails were a right mess, as all our posting - and photos - show quite clearly. Definitely no good for one's bike. Don't know how the Brits put up with it.


Bruce's picture

This sounds great, see you out there.

Caro's picture

sounds like a great ride!
Am looking forward to the downhill and the exploration bits Smiling!
Can we explore the aprés lunch options too Smiling??

Little-Ditty's picture

The after ride lunch sounds like an awesome option. Just what we will need : )

murray's picture

I'll be keen for this one looks like an excellent ride!

miguel832's picture

hi there

could you please tell me what routes you are planning to ride?


christine's picture

Will probably be there now...well, Mildred will! George may be with his wife.
I had yet another blonde attack and got the weekends mixed up for the book launch!
I will be one of the ones meeting at the bottle shop – I take it this is at Galston shops yes?
I drive a green commodore ute...
Sounds like a fun day...especially if it incudes lunch!

MEEE Smiling

Rob's picture

This one is nice (38Km, 1000m vertical):

Shall we?

Caro's picture

You know that I am not very good with these graphs, all I can see is that this time we'll finish with a climb instead of a decend Smiling which is unfortunate but I guess nothing is perfect! Looks good to me (1000m less vertical than yesterday, fabulous!)

P.S. thanks for posting all the GNR pics! All these new tracks! Smiling It was good fun indeed.

Little-Ditty's picture

Seems fine to me. Only 35km. Rob, are you sure you can hack this one? Sticking out tongue

As long as we fit in some of those single tracks that are posted in the trail review, I am not fussed about the proposed route.

Looks like an awesome day is ahead. If we can just get rid of this rain!!!

Gilbo's picture

trail review looks great, see you all there on sunday.

Matt's picture

And a few of the Shut up and Ride boys too. Though I'm a bit crook at the moment so might not make it or be 100%.


GeordieAndy's picture

Hey guys, I rode with you first time on the Easter social at T Hills and am keen to get another one in. I live in Manly so can anybody give me an idea of how long the drive will be? Should I allow more than an hour to get there?

Rob's picture

... erm, Andy.

If you fill in the 'Directions Starting Address' in your profile (it's under the 'Who you are' tab) then visit the Marramarra NP write up there should be a link with a Google map and also a directions link. Durh... in fact - there should be a link on this page in the main post too!

FWIW, if I ask it the way from Manly, it suggests via Frenchs Forest, pick up the Pacific Highway, and North on that then through Galston George. 1h27m is the estimate given.

Note, because of the lack of road coverage at the destination (although they are sealed) you need to add on 10 mins or so to go a bit further south on Bloodwood Rd.

christine's picture

once you hit Galston shops there will be people meeting there - see, it's further up on the posts...
It takes me 40mins from Oxford Falls to get there so I would allow over an hour from Manly - I used to work in Galston and found the fastest way is down Mona Vale Road, right at the Plants Direct and the back way to Hornsby...through the Gorge (yeay, fun!) and then up to the shops...
You can probably follow us if you like...

MEE Smiling

Carlgroover's picture

Ourimbah? Marramarra? Ourimbah? Marramarra? Ourimbah? Marramarra? Ourimbah? Marramarra?
Damn, I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.


Rob's picture

Have I missed something? Ourimbah on Sat, Marramarra on Sun Smiling

Oh yeah!!

Andy Bloot's picture

So I'll be at Galston shops 6.45am
See ya'll there

Carlgroover's picture

Sorry Rob for the confusion, I'm supposed to be racing at Ourimbah on Sunday, but after my 1st NoBMoB ride yesterday I'm keen for another, and would like to do the Marramarra ride.
Too many rides - never enough weekends.
John Evans. Smiling

Rob's picture
Too many rides - never enough weekends.

You said it!

Gary's picture

This will be my first ride out with you Guy's.
Looking forward to it.

Little-Ditty's picture

This ride is coming together nicely. Looks like most of us are present and accounted for. But there are still some conspicuous regulars lurking... Sticking out tongue

And... we are finally getting some periods of sunshine leading up to Sunday. 'Bout time! Should leave us some ideal conditions for riding. I am looking forward to this ride more than most.

ar_junkie's picture

Not sure if I'm "conspicuous" or "regular" but I'm still lurking on this one... =;o)
I'm dead keen, but gotta see if I can get a day pass!
Will confirm Saturday...

davis_jnr's picture

Count me in

GeordieAndy's picture

for the tip Rob although google maps is very tempremental! Christine I'll aim to meet you guys in Galston at 7:45. I have a black Golden Eagle jeep and will fly in through the gorge Smiling

See you then!

Paul's picture

Count me in.

Sounds like a good turnout - I'll meet you at Galston 7.45am.


christine's picture

I won't be able to come on Sunday - I have the worst blocked nose and cold and doubt I could keep up...I also want to get well asap as I am off on a progressive horse camping trip from next weekend for a week - out in the middle of no-where - cant wait!
I hope you all have a fabulous day and great lunch - not happy at all to miss out...

MEEEE Smiling

shano's picture

Looking forward to riding this trail!
C you guys out there!

leopafe's picture

Going for the second ride with nobmob. This one seems sweet.
Is the meeting point the same as in the map provided in the rides area?


Rich9000's picture

Hi guys,

Lurking for awhile..

Been meaning to go ride with you guys for ages.

Am keen to ride on Sunday. Is anyone driving from Manly way? Do ya have room for an extra bod & bike?

I can provide roof rack if that helps! I just don't have the wheels on Sunday.



Rich9000's picture

I would really appreciate a lift.

Give me a call on my mobile.



Rob's picture

Gee, dude... the my car is full (4 bikes, 4 riders). Looks like you might be out of luck on this one. Sorry Sad

Andy Bloot's picture

And I go straight up Mona Vale Rd. So if you can get to the intersection of Mona Vale and any adjoining road I can pick you up- no racks needed. I'd offer to pick you up at Manly, but I'll be strugling to make it by this early time as it his.

GeordieAndy's picture


I'm driving from Manly tomorrow morning so if you get in touch with me beforehand I can give you a lift. I probably won't be on this site again before I go so buzz my mobile 0415 564639.


ar_junkie's picture

I'm there like a bear and will be riding my first dualie with discs...
Team Lefty has increased its numbers!

Rob's picture

Slow, slow slow... but either way, here it is:

Bloody hell! 3 hours of standing around!

Pictures will appear shortly one hopes.

Pictures are here.

davis_jnr's picture

Here is my MB for the trip...similar...but slower Sad

Great ride guys thanks for the tour will be happy to head out there some time in the coming month again.

Look forward to the pics.

Bruce's picture

Thanks to Liam for organising a great ride, wow what a turn out.

Really enjoyed today, hope to get back there soon!

Caro's picture

Hi there!

Thanks everybody for the great company and thanks Liam for organising a great ride!
I had a lots of fun and really liked the tracks especially smugglers (apart from the first climb/walk out, holy....)
I think we set a new record on technicals, -countless flats, one broken spoke, one cracked deralieur, 2 broken chains, anything else?- Paul I hope your bike is not going to be a single speed for long!


Paul's picture

I can't tell you how much fun riding in the middle ring and 3rd bottom is (not). It makes a slight incline feel like Alp d'Huez - my thighs are so sore this morning I'm swearing off single speeds for life.

Thanks for those who stopped and helped, it was appreciated.

I'm sorry I missed Smugglers, the photo's indicate there was carange galore.


Little-Ditty's picture

Despite the grinding speed and technical nature of the track, it was an interesting experience that we will try again sometime. But for me, not within the next month. Everyone's agenda appears to be pretty busy.

That one was a total ride distance 36.5km in 6 hours (including the stops). 6km/h instead of the normal 10. Although a fun ride, we can do better.

Happy trails.
(Rob, I owe you petrol money!)

D-on's picture

Thanks all for the ride on Sunday. A great day in the saddle. My first ride with the NoBMoB possee and hopefully the first of many !

Still can't believe they smuggled stuff down that goat track !

Roll on.


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