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AusBike Brisbane & Melbourne

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By Rob - Posted on 17 August 2010

Hey look, a bicycle show!

Not in Sydney of course, just Brisbane and Melbourne.

Sydney: "The city that hates cyclists" Sad

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Almost got killed again on the way into work this morning.

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I was in Brisbane on the weekend. They have an excellent network of bike paths near the river and it looked like through the city.

If bikes arent competing with traffic then it makes it a safer I guess.


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They get cycle paths, mtb tracks, bicycle hire and other goodies and in Sydney, we get great, big "Cycle Path" banners along George Street! We are spoilt.

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Don't forget that Sydney councils are very proud of their white paint. Draw a line 1 foot from the kerb and stencil in a bike. Job done!

Alternatively, draw a line down the centre of an existing footpath and paint walk/cycle stencils on each side (opposite way up of course). Again - instant 'cycle network'.

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about the white paint it is a shame pedestrian/walkers can't read because they walk in the middle or on the opposite side , well that is how it is out my way

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Unfortunately, compared to every other capital city I've been to in Australia, Sydney seems way behind on it's development of it's own infrastructure in every way. Roads, public transport, cycleways, amentities... whatever aspect you compare, Sydney is always more dirty, caotic and underfunded compared to all the other capitals. Yet apparently we've got the state with the most financial capital coming into it. What's wrong with this picture?


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goes straight out again in middle-management public sector salaries.

Two factors drive this:
Success in the public sector is judged by how big your department's budget is.
If you don't spend it, you lose it in the next budget round.

Not conducive to either efficiency or effectiveness.

Not wanting to open a political can of worms, but we need a conservative government for a few years to balance the centre-left tendency to bloat the public sector. This is what happens when one party is allowed to dominate the landscape for too long. Hopefully the Libs can front a credible team at the next election... they've been crapper than Labor for as long as I can remember. Evil

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