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By Ivo - Posted on 23 August 2010

Leaving Menai early morning yesterday there was a man "Mick" and his dog building a new see saw. Should be loads of fun, just hoping the trail bikes don't F it up!

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on my way out, but thought it was in a fairly odd location? there wasn't a clear run-in?

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I missed that which area was it in ?near the mini freeride stuff?

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I think it's in a perfect position. It's on part of the recently marked out loop, so people can easily find it again and again. It's just off to the side of the main trail meaning it's an option and you don't have to ride it if you're not confident enough. And it's near the bottom of the trail, so it's naturally slowing people down before they have too, which helps prevent skidding which we all know leads to the dreaded trail erosion.

Well done to Mick and his dog, it looks extremely sturdy and hard wearing. (Don't know how much help the dog was, he just wanted me to throw his stick when I stop) Smiling

Also, I don't think the trail bike riders will ruin it, there seems to be a lot more respect for each other at the moment out at Menai. A number of small jumps have been put in on trails that are ridden by both Moto’s and us, and there is no sign of the Moto’s spinning their wheels on them or trying to ride up them, which I believe is a good sign of respect. Please say G'day to the Moto riders next time ride past one of them when you’re out at Menai, I've had a chat to a lot of them out there and there all decent blokes. (They find amazing how we can ride the trails out there on a pushy) Smiling Let’s keep the relationship a happy one if we can.

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yea dude locations quite good.

And i agree there is alot of respect between the motoX and us. We move to the side when they are coming through and they do the same. Both there for the same reason just different choice of ride.

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OR they actually ride MTB, of course. There are plenty of people who ride both. Like many, I took up MTB because moto legal trails are too hard to find, and now rarely if ever ride moto off road.

NOW, of course, MTB trails have become a PITA as well, so I bought a bloody road bike...

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