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By hawkeye - Posted on 29 August 2010

29 Aug 10

This was part of an extended ride from home to DH + C + P + L and back totalling about 60km to try out a nutrition strategy and eating on the bike.

Seemed to come together OK apart from feeling like gagging after downing the first gel at the start of Long trail, and discovering that otherwise yummy muesli bars taste and feel like cardboard when our mouth is dry and you're trying to keep up your pace!

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Hi Hawkeye

I have tried most food options in enduros and have found most things work for the first 3 hours then my mouth starts to dry out and it gets harder to eat. TORQ bars taste like a slice of fruit cake and are quite moist so I find them really good in the second half of my races. You can buy them from Mark Fenner's website (

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Much appreciated. Smiling

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There must be a zillion threads around here about nutrition, just have a search Eye-wink

To recap some gibberish I may have heard around...

1. It's pointless eating solid food after you've been riding for about 4 hours. The stomach won't digest it and it'll just sit in your there making your feel ill.
2. Avoid simple sugars - they just give you a spike and leave you feeling flat.
3. The body can only consume 60g/hour of carbs (although I heard the other day this is 1g/kg of body weight/hour) so don't try and ram in more.
4. Don't bother with muesli bars - fibre is no good for an endurance race Eye-wink

Of course, most important... experiment long before your events then stick with what works for you Smiling

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Done the search. Came up with some good stuff, too. Smiling But there weren't quite a zillion. Sticking out tongue

However, it's still good getting feedback from others on what they liked (or didn't) about particular products. And part of the reason for this ride was to experiment and find out what works. The event is at the end of next month.

The muesli bar went in the mouth ahead of the white bread vegemite sandwich because it was more accessible. Won't do that again. Sticking out tongue

The Gatorade did exactly what you said (and I expected) it would do, so it went in in small sips taken often. The strategy worked only because the ride was wholly fire trail and I could sip whenever needed. For the event I'm doing which is supposed to be mostly sniggle I will need something with slower burn carbs like Endura. Intend to buy and try this week.

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