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Stolen: Cannondale Rush Team Issue

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By Rob - Posted on 03 December 2010

We often talk about bike insurance, garaging, etc. here and like most I always think things are pretty safe. Turns out they are not Sad

Sometime this week someone walked past all the cameras in our building and through 2 security doors, cut through a Kyrptonite Cable and walked out with my Cannondale Rush. They left the Yeti (probably because the fork is being serviced and wasn't attached to the bike) and Pratiwi's Trek hardtail.

I've spoken to the building manager and am hopeful of getting some mug shots of the b@stards who did this.

This is a rather unusual bike, upgrades over stock include:

- TWE lightweight wheelset (black rims, hubs are Cannondale Delta front, Sun Ringle Dirty Flea rear - badged as TWE)
- Avid Juicy Ultimate Brakes (160mm front, 140mm rear)
- SRAM X.0 shifters
- Avid matchmakers
- SRAM X.0 rear derailleur
- PG990 (red) cassette
- Shimano XT crankset
- Crank Brothers Eggbeater SL pedals
- Selle Italia SLR seat
- Thompson Masterpeice post
- Easton Monkeylite XC bars
- ODI Ruffian lock on grips
- Garmin rear wheel/cadence sensor fitted

The serial numbers are:

Fork: 122716T
Frame: 6DMRHN LG/115349RH04122/R101176
Rear Triangle: 156432J 6DRHSJ01

Some pictures:

Lap 1 Rob

Lap 1 Rob

Lisdale Rob

Rob climbing

This one is a bit older and doesn't have many of the above parts fitted:

Bardens Lookout Bikes

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As soon as I saw the title I was hoping it wasnt your bike.

I will keep my eyes peeled on Ebay and other forums etc for FS posts etc.

Dont understand how someone can get through 2 security doors etc.

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Rob, so sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. I hope the fleas of a thousand camels swamp the miserable lives of the b@stards who stole her.

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Hope they catch and castrate the B@stards that did this

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to hear this, Rob.

Be proactive: here's a checklist:
* report to Police with the details you've provided above, including the photos.
* ring around all the pawn (NOT porn!) shops in your area every couple of days enquiring about dual-suspension mountain bikes. Don't be too specific, or you'll tip them off that you might be going to sting them. Just give them a hook, that you're desperate due to being in a race and needing a bike fast and are prepared to pay well.
* Go visit them over the weekend - eg, Cash Converters and their ilk
* if you find it in one of these houses of ill-repute call the cops immediately - once it's sold the new owner has no obligation to return it to you.

Often these scum are druggies and not too bright. You may get lucky.

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Sorry to hear Rob. It always happens to those that doesnt deserve it the most.

Well its a good thing it's such a modified rig because I think and I stress, I think!
I saw someone riding something very similar on Lane Cove rd at North Ryde today at about 3pm at the corner of Quarry road.

I noticed it because it wasnt right for someone to be riding a dual suspension on the road and so gingerly as well and I noticed seeing the orange decals. Unfortunately, I cant tell whether it was your lefty because I was driving quickly. By the time I chased it around the corner, he had disappeared into a side street.

Sorry mate but if it helps, ask others to keep a look out for it around this area.

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will defo keep an eye out! w@*%ers

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it looks as if the certain person must have known or scoped it out to go through so much effort to get it !-any sus neighbours?

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Can't believe it. So sorry to hear that Rob. May these thieves die a slow and painful death.

You can borrow my Norco whenever you want. Cool

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to have something like a small GPS transmitting unit that could be installed inside a bike frame and activated when it went "missing"? And could it be done without costing more than the bike?

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Rob I can't imagine how you are feeling right now ,so sorry to hear the bad news hopefully they are so stupid they will try and cash in some where local.It does sound like they have been watching your place though.regards from Tony C another proud father of a rush

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Thanks for all your comments and (bad) wishes for the culprits Eye-wink

Apparently there were some other items taken from other residents so don't think this was a specific target. Have made a report and the cops are coming over to check out the CCTV footage. Although not sure how much that will help or if the building manager will let me have mugshots to share.

Even though this is insured, it's still a PITA and will end up a little out of pocket Sad

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I say go sit on a new Scalpel to cheer yourself up Smiling

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I like Brian's idea, nothing like some bike shopping to put a smile on ur face, focus on the positive.
However if you get the chance, disembowel the buggers

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That sucks Rob.

But hey - at least it got you in Lycra and out of the baggies!

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