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Oxford Falls

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 20 May 2007

Saturday, 26 May, 2007 - 08:30
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Oxford Falls (Morgan Road)
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Oxford Falls


Having ridden Oxford Falls on the weekend and enjoyed it, I am thinking another tour is in order. It has certainly been a while - a month or two? And it seems to be the trail in the best condition too.

I intend this ride to be for all comers. So this means you!

If we experience rain on the day, I am unlikely to go. Too much bike maintenance is required. But I will post a cancellation on the morning if this happens. Meet at the dirt carpark on Morgan Road.

I hope to see you all there. Call my mobi on 0438 885 410 with lateness.

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Buck's picture

Hey Liam

I've only done the XC track there so would love a tour. I'll do my best to have a early night on Friday. If not I will post here to say whether I'm coming or not.


christine's picture

See you there!

MEEE Smiling

Mavrik's picture

Hmmm I only know 3 blokes that mountain bike ride. Myself and 2 mates I got them into it. We usually ride Sat 8.00 Dam so might join you this time to be social if thats OK?. That would be Chris, Joe and Anthony! Yes I will probably wear my Pink Okanui's!

Little-Ditty's picture

Always good to ride with some new friends. Plus the Dam gets monotonous after the 50th lap with no other rides happening. Hope to see you there. : )

nh's picture


I would like come and join you and discover some new tracks.

See you tomorrow,


Stuart M's picture

Well after a long abscence from group weekend rides I have a leave pass so will see you all there Saturday morning. Am looking forward to this very much

Carlgroover's picture

I got out of the Blue Mountains and rode somewhere else, I'll
see you in the morning.


Mavrik's picture

Just to clarify meet dirt car park Morgan Rd. This is the car park at the top of Morgan Rd not bottom right?


christine's picture

the one on the corner up from Lizard Rock...
sounds like a busy ride!

petulance's picture

Compared to Manly Dam?

I used to be a Dam regular but am only just getting back into riding.

alchemist's picture

It depends on where you go, but generally is a bit more techy than then dam

Andy Bloot's picture

with a late entrant. Seeing as it has been a month or 2, I'm keen to do it again. So I'll see ya'll there.

Little-Ditty's picture

We can work out the route for Saturday morning once we are there. But I already have some ideas.

However I would expect we are unlikely to do the most technical ride this time around. There will be some technical parts, but it will still be a fun ride. We will try and keep this one set on the "intermediate" level.

See you tomorrow! Smiling

petulance's picture

it should be ... interesting tomorrow.

I'll be there for the ride unless I get lost on the way to Oxford Falls.

Little-Ditty's picture

Just call my mobi if you get lost or are running late. I can direct you if you are coming in from the south. Cheers.

petulance's picture

I have written down your mobile number.

See you all tomorrow.

Buck's picture

Sorry to bail on you guys.

Bike god must really hate me or something. First I turn up without my shoes! Go back and get them and then meet you again.

Then up on Little Moab my front brake lever goes all the way into handlebar. Look down and see brake fluid dripping all over the place! Hope you all had a good ride.

See you all next time when my bike is back in working order.


Rob's picture

Sloooooow, but fun.

There will be pictures shortly... maybe.

Pictures are here.

petulance's picture

It was fun. Thanks to Liam for organising this.

Also thanks to the tail enders in the group for putting up with my constant stop-starts.

Carlgroover's picture

at Oxford Falls. Mitchell and myself had a great time today and will ride there again.
It's a good balance of tech stuff and riding.
Thanks for the planning Liam and to everyone else for making it a great day.

Rob's picture

Your knees OK, John?

For those that don't know - John did the most spectacular OTB right in front of me. We were going down that skinny single trail opposite side of Slippery Dip to Moon Rock... John was loving the day and the trails... and was flying. Then literally!

Seeing a rider mid air, upside down, with bike above them is rather rare (fortunately). I can't believe the stuff we get away with sometimes!

Anyhow - hope you are OK now, don't try that again any time soon!

Mavrik's picture

Thanks for organising the ride today Liam. It was good to actually meet other Mbikers. Also good to ride oxford Falls instead of the Dam for a change. Anthony and I enjoyed ourselves and apologise for having to leave early. But this ensures anohter leave pass. Nice to meet you Rob and excellent job of the pics.

Hope to see you all agin soon.


PS sorry about the pink Okanui's

Carlgroover's picture

Walking hurts but I'll see if I can ride with before the train tomorrow morning, if it only really hurts I'll be there, excrutiating and I'll stay home.
I really wish you had a helmet cam Rob! See ya John. Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

Chris, no problem with the Okanui's, mate. All of these NobMob riders come with their individual eccentricities! Why should you turn out any different? Next time you come riding with us, just wear a loud shirt too and you'll be perfectly matched! Laughing out loud

Great ride today all. That was a great run, although a bit slow. However we have to remember the miriad of bike failures, stacks and rest breaks. Some of these stops could not be helped. Plus, we are not all out for a huge endurance run on every outing.

John, I also hope that your bung knee gets better in a hurry. It's a shame that I was sweeping at that point, as I missed your stack. Rob does a good job above of describing it as a Superman moment! Just mark it down as another "bragging rights" stack. If you didn't come off your bike, you weren't trying hard enough. And also I hope that young Mitchell heals that scuffed bark quickly. Dad and boy, together, scratched up but happy! Enjoy Lizard Rock downhill? See anything worth reporting?

Hope to see you all out there again soon! Laughing out loud


Bernd's picture

Stuart and I left u guys's and
soon after I had good flyer,OTB aswell!!!!
Hospital x-ray: no break, but both Hands are out of order!!
Can't even.....

Carlgroover's picture

We only saw one massive jump and the guy made it look too easy.

nh's picture


Thanks to everyone. I had a great time riding and exploring some new trails.

You can watch some videos of the rides here.


Nigel (aka ??? if you are looking at the photos of the ride)

Rob's picture

Thx Nigel. Too many names... too few brain cells to hold them all. Is fixed now Smiling

Nice vid BTW.

Little-Ditty's picture

Thanks Nigel. Nice work with your camera! Thanks for posting those.

jedijunglesnow's picture

Hey guys, glad you had a good ride, but just a courtesy call. I was coming back from Little Moab on Sat morning. I had broken my chain and as such I was trying to keep my speed up coming down the firetrail.

You guys had obviously just begun your ride and as I came down the fireroad you were all riding up in the opposite direction. Thing is you were all spread across the entire fireroad, all of you from one side to the other - as I came by you all not one person moved, in fact I think someone may have even made a comment about me riding too fast by you all (remember - I had a broken chain).

A bit of common courtesy guys, when riding in a large group remember that the there are still other riders out there, and the trails are there to be shared.

Stuart M's picture

because you came straight down the middle of the road, you didn't make any move at all to your left. I was about for or five rows back saw you coming and started to move to my left, giving you the run down your left but then had to move back over to allow you to continue your non stop progress down the middle.

As for your broken chain, bummer to hear about that, but that is something that an oncoming rider would certainly not have been aware of, maybe a flashing light next time to warn on coming riders and we will be able to all stop, move of the trail and allow you to pick your best line down the trail Smiling

Just out of interest as far as trail sharing and common courtesy go, if I were heading downhill and there was a group coming up I for one would normally pull up and let those in the middle of a climb keep there momentum, what does everyone else think? I thought this was common practice although I can understand your desire in this particular situation to keep up your pace.

Hope the chain didn't result in any other damage and your back on the trails soon, atleast now we have an idea of what you look like, I'll stop and say g'day next time.

BTW that makes an expensive day at OF for nobmob, broken chain, two lost computers, rear derailluer snapped off a frame, heavy stack injured knee, OTB injured palms / wrists, one car left unlocked the whole morning (hope nothing went missing from this), any other casualties?


Rob's picture

Ummmm... dunno what the official story on this is, but on fire road think I'd bear left (and hope I did for you on Sat), thinking riders coming the other way would do the same.

It has to be said, that group rides are fun, but too large a group of too many dissimilar skill levels makes for slow progress and sometimes this kind of mis-understanding. Sorry about that.

FWIW, I doubt you were going too fast at all, so have nothing to feel bad about, personally I'd be cranking big ring back to the car hitting 40Ks plus Smiling

P.S. We too had a broken chain, but was fixed in a trice (well - 5-10 mins), be sure to always carry a multi-tool with a decent chain breaker (ie. one that does not require an external hex key to operate).

jedijunglesnow's picture

Not being able to pedal I obviously wasn't going too fast, I was just trying to keep up what momentum I had...

I do have a chain breaker, I usually keep it in this specially designed container at the back of my shorts ( looks like arrows), but I just couldn't be bothered messing around on the trail so decided to push/roll back home. Was keen to go for a latte.

As for keeping to the left, I went to do that originally, but was so many of you guys that the left wasn't clear ( I didn't see anyone move) so I just kept to my line and went straight through the middle.

christine's picture

was i doing I wonder... I don't remember even seeing anyone else out there! Obviously living up to my nickname courtesy of Rob...
BTW did you say hello to any one since you knew we were nobmob?!

MEEE Smiling

ps i had a great ride everyone, thank you all very much - excellent company, trails and sensational weather!

jedijunglesnow's picture

I was just trying to keep going, so I couldn't stop and say hi to anyone.

I'm much more a cafe type of person anyways, always love to be social over a latte or a Pimms Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

I remember you blowing by down the middle of the trail. And I do rememeber at the time, that with a little bit of inattention up front, the whole group would not notice an approaching rider in this situation. Especially when it is uphill. You tend to not look up too much. No deliberate discourtesy from the group at all - just hard to react so late. And I also did not think it weird for you to ride down the middle. You just go wherever there is space mate.

Sorry to hear about the busted chain. But them's the breaks! Smiling (pardon the pun)

jedijunglesnow's picture

Cheers for that Little Ditty. Chain was easy to fix, I was actually more upset over my rear shock, it just doesn't work very well...

Crack hardy guys!

goatman's picture

Mate your rear shock is the worst thing ever to grace a Cannondale.

And please cover up those awful Lizard pants!!!

jedijunglesnow's picture

Who are you Goatman? Are you some sort of half man/half goat??

Seriously though, don't knock my pants, they offer great protection and I can store my chain tool in there.

Hey one more thing, hats off to all you guys that rode the 100km recently, it was way too far for me, I was scared.

Stuart M's picture

OK, so I pike (sorry Greg) at alot of technical descents / drops but was over cautious on this ride for fear of injury preventing me from riding at Canberra this weekend. My wussyness has been vindicated. A certain riding partner went otb on the way out and has just discovered he has a broken metacarpal bone that will be stopping him from riding this weekend.

Lucky he has to go anyway because he has meetings in Canberra on Friday. Also lucky he has a van, I can see shuttles to the top of Stromlow coming on.

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