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Mt York Sunday Morning

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By Ian_A - Posted on 21 January 2011

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Sunday, 23 January, 2011 - 08:30
3 hours
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If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Mount York
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Mt York Road, in Mount Victoria. You could probably park anywhere along here, and there's a decent sized area (with camping I believe) at the end of this road. That said, the junction with Berghoffer Drive/Lockyers seems the most sensible suggestion.

-33.575583,150.240183 (Mt York Rd)

I know there is already a Knapsack ride on Sunday morning (sorry Andrea).

But Todd and I have been talking about Mt York at the same time so Ill post it up anyway. If anyone wants to join us we are meeting in the gravel carpark, GWH on the right after passing through Mt Vic where the council workers park apparently.

I can't remember what direction we're taking but Todd said an hr up uphill first so those who know the area will know what that means.

Best bet is to PM or ring Todd for directions as that's what Ill be doing.



EDIT: The meeting point appears different to the database one, so take note.

Who's in?
Ian_A, BM Epic, J the B
Ian_A BM Epic J the B
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Ian_A Mt York Sunday Morning Nice ride around Mt York area this morning. Started the day arriving pretty spot on 8:30 to find Todd sleeping in his car. Had a quick chat, then Jim comes rolling down the hill having parked further up. We ride up the road for a bit then jump on...

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The carpark is at the bottom of Victoria Pass where you start on a small single track that leads up to the base of Bergoffers. Its after the last big sweeping turn to the right.

Currently the carpark is pretty full of work vehicles, I assume on a Sunday there wouldn't be any activity there though.

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Just a heads up. Road work at the bottom means the very bottom car park Mark is talking about is not really accessible.
Just up around the corner at the foot of Berghoffers trail still has room for 4 or 5 cars though.

As much as I'd like I can't make sunday morning but if you guy have energy left over and want to check out some new trails a little further west we'll be at Rydal in the afternoon. Building, riding and generally having a ball.

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All right guys, see you at the bottom of Berghoffer's, 8:30.

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