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Canberra Rd Trip Day 3 Mt Stromlo Forest Park

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By Stuart M - Posted on 01 June 2007

Sunday, 10 June, 2007 - 10:00
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Stromlo Forest Park

This is the replacement ride for the original day 3 option at Majura.

By all reports this shouldn't be too crowded and will be a great day.

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A quick condensed write up of the trip as im doing this from my phone. Got there on friday, rode sparrow hill on sat and put it down as some of the best single track ever, until......sunday at stromlo! Possibly the best day of cross country ive ever done. Even the climbs felt effortless due to the bute switchbacks all the way to the top. In fact. The course was switchback heaven. Hats off to the guys and girls who build and maintain the course. A job very well done. Cant wait to get down there again. Maybe ill take my big bike when the downhill track re opens. Bernd, thanks so much for the accommodation. Youre a legend. And to stuart, thanks for playing mother hen and organising us all. Its must be all the practice you get at home! to all the rest of the guys, thanks for the temporary Nobmob tattoo on my backside! All in all a fantastic weekend. Cant wait to do it again. And for all of you who were stuck in sydney, hard luck. It was lovelly weather down there too! Ha ha.

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Echoing the words of GAZZA, a BIG THANKS must go out to Stuart for organising the agenda of so many riders over the course of 4 days. This was an outstanding example of selflessness for the greater good, when in fact looking after yourself would have been far easier. Well done - I am sure everyone has passed on their thanks by now. You were so generous on the weekend, you even decided to let the other boys at the table win "the contest".

Bernd mate, you're also a ledge for organising the remaining details that made the weekend run smoother. We wouldn't have had such a great time without your help. And hanging around for the photo op's on two days was very nice too.

I can't wait to see the posted photos (well, the ones that are deemed appropriate anyways! - for the people that were there, I think you know what I mean! NobMb) Smiling I'll have to fire up the CD to check them out shortly. There should be plenty of gory ones too.

To all that were not there, sorry to rub it in, but you missed some of the most sensational XC riding available anywhere. There was something (or lots!) for everyone. Sparrow Hill, Mt Stromlo, and Majura Pines. Wow, what can you say about these places that doesn't sound like a cliche? I can't wait to go back. Bring it on! Especially Majura Pines - that place ROCKS!!

Thanks also to Andrew for playing Tour Barbie on Sunday at Mt Stromlo. That was great work. You were good company and saved us some "exploration" time. Well, at least me anyways - I was a Canberra noob. You also looked like you filled up on some high energy food that day, as you were not slow getting around the track. Eye-wink I hope we can repay the debt whenever you are riding the North Shore with us again. You will love some of this stuff.

Final thought for the weekend. Always wear your arm and leg armour on a BMX track.


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Thanks Stuart and Bernd for organising this great weekend!!!

Surely some of the best riding in my (rather short) riding career! After looking forward to it for aaages and everybody raving about the tracks in Canberra I can't believe that my expectations were still nothing compared what it was really like?!? Absolutely stoked!
Wish we had had more time and energy left at Majura yesterday Smiling!!!

After leaving Sydney in the pouring rain I am still amazed at our weather fortune! just a bit windy at Sporrows, blue sky and sunshine at Stromolow and dry at Majura!! (I shouldn't mention the start at 9am in only 3°C at Majura!!!) Smiling

Soooo much to write but I think there will be heaps of pictures speaking for themselves! (depending on which ones will be allowed on the page Smiling

Thanks Andrew for guiding us at Stromolow!

Thanks everybody!!
Have a great week!

Bruce's picture

Thanks Stuart & Bernd for making this weekend happen. The riding was only half of the fun, what a great group of people to share the weekend with:-) & for what its worth I think Stuart did win the around the table competition.

Bernd you are an absolute champion my friend, if it wasnt for you lending me your bike for the weekend I dont know what I would have done.

Hope everyone else enjoyed the weekend as much as I did, we definitely have to venture back to Canberra in the very near future.

Thank everyone

evan's picture

but what an AWESOME weekend. Smiling
As previously stated a huge THANKS to Bernd and Stuart for the organisation of the whole weekend.

A big thanks goes to everyone else who helped make the weekend a top weekend. The riding was awesome but so was the social side of the weekend. When upto 20 people can sleep, eat and many other things in a townhouse for a weekend I think it shows what a top group we have.

Rob you must be feeling a little jealous right about now, but there definitely needs to be a next time.

Still grinning

Bernd's picture

All Good, Thanks everyone for a great weekend,
Stuart, well done Mate.
Bruce, no Prob, I took my bike down there for only 2 reasons:
be tempted with my injury, or helping out someone!
I could not ride with my broken bone in my wrist so it had to be the 2nd one!
I'll be in CanbeRRa soon, I let you know when.
Great people, great weekend, great MTB, what I've heard...good onya

pikey's picture

This weekend epitomises what can be achieved when like minded people with equal expectations strife to achieve a common goal.......a weekend in Pure Mountain Biking Heaven!

Rob- Thanks for the Web Site.
Bernd- Thanks for the Accommodation.
Stuart- Thanks for using the above ingredients for cooking up I weekend that will last me a lifetime!

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Round two in planning soon. One big change.....Majura will be getting a full day!

Can't wait to see those pics and that vid taken Monday morning.

Tanya we should have listened.....sorry!

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Your OTB photo at Sparrow Hill is close to the MTB photo of the century. I saw that one the CD again and laughed. Sorry that it happened (bike repair notwithstanding). But that was an awesome snap that captured the split second of "oh sh*t" just perfectly. Sticking out tongue

Stuart M's picture

Although it would be nice to learn another way to dismount.

Buck's picture

Sounds like a good weekend!

Any photos ready to be posted up yet?


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but if they want me to post them on their behalf then please PM me, I probably have the most time and there are alot of pics.

Little-Ditty's picture

Hundreds, in fact

Stuart M's picture

Finally I have got around to putting up a selection of the best pics taken at Stromlow on Sunday. This by no means is all of them but for the sake of sanity, our hosts server size, and my patience or lack there of uploading them, is a good selection of the days fun. The ones I have loaded are numbered, 1 starting at the beginning through to 47 at the end of the day.

I have tried to make sure there is a couple of everyone present at various points without having twenty shots of the same thing just different faces. Apologies if your not here anywhere, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up.

The uploaded pics are only 800 pixel max so if you see one you like and want a high res copy to poster print and hang above your bed then send me a PM with your e-mail address and the number of the pic you want and I will e-mail it to you.

Full credit here to both Sam and Pikey for the quality photography, very few were scraped because they were blurred, and also to our host for giving us somewhere to share these pics.

There are about another 130 pics not used and I am in the process of putting them all into a slide show with background music. Also "negotiating" a server to host this.

Enjoy all and again thanks for a top weekend.

Pics are here


ar_junkie's picture

I can almost taste the dirt!

Little-Ditty's picture

They are excellent photos of the Canberra weekend. It is hard to say which ones I like best, or which ones capture each of our rides the best. Any of the group together are particularly good. I probably still think that Majura shades the other rides, but only just!! Thanks for posting them.

Bruce's picture

Thanks to all the photographers, the photos look great & bring back fond memories of some of the sweetest trails I have ever seen, as to which won is best I couldnt pick it both Stromlo & Majura are so different but so good. We need to get back there real soon.

Rob's picture

Yeah, yeah... give it here (the slideshow)

Or you could youtube it and we can embed it in here.

Peter R's picture

thanks fellas for a really fantastic trip. Have to do another soon.


Caro's picture

Great pics! Thanks for posting them all Stuart!!
What a great weekend it was.
Where are we going next time?? Eye-wink

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Gregs pics of Majura have now been posted. As per the others if you want a copy large enough to set as a desk top then email me the number and I'll send it to you.

Sorry Greg I forgot to credit you on the individual pics.

I think a quick look at these will explain just why we all had so much fun on the Monday, great playground and really want to get back there soon.


Little-Ditty's picture

Aaaahhhh, Majura. Does it get any better than that? To all that were not there, do these pics look like the best looking play around area you have seen on a trail? You can spend all day playing in the creek beds and pine needles. Nothing like a soft landing!! Laughing out loud We need to get back there asap.

And nice pics Greg. Handy with a camera our Greg is. Strong with the force. You done did good. Smiling

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Hi guys,
where abouts is this place that you stayed?
looks like a nice place to stay
even has a projector TV

i normally get a cabin at canberra motor village which is nowhere as fancy as that room.

how much is it
as i have been finding myself doing a lot of riding in canberra these days.

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Stuart M's picture

A most unexpected surprise Saturday night and one that was greatly appreciated. Some new bling will be on its way soon to replace the sheared front axle I discovered when I got my wheel out of the car on Monday night, oh that was close to a nasty ending.

Thank you one and all, not just for your generosity, but also your great company. I have thoroughly enjoyed both road trips to date and will no doubt continue to do so.



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