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Kincumba downhill and exploration goodness : )

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 02 June 2007

Saturday, 7 July, 2007 - 09:00
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Kincumber Reserve
Meeting Point: 

End of Bronzewing Dr, Kincumber.


It appears we have interest in checking out Kincumba Mountain. Sounds like a nice place to ride. I am always open for riding "new trails". And it looks like we could probably fit in a couple of laps too, if it only takes 20 minutes to ride back up to the top. I will be happy to lead from the back! Laughing out loud

The approximate area to ride, as shown on Google Maps, is:

As there is no information for this ride previously saved in the NobMob trail database, I will post an exact street address meeting place before the day. More on that shortly.

Sorry, but I have no details to offer about the likely technical nature of this ride.

Hope you can come along.

0438 885 410

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, Little-Ditty, sensai_miagi, Gary, nate (6 riders)
Rob pikey Little-Ditty sensai_miagi Gary nate
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scottm8's picture

most likely be there

nate's picture

I like the sound of this!
I' pretty sure I can make it so count me in for now.

mulletriverswimmer's picture

OK, I'm happy to play tour guide for this, but I can't make this date\time. Can we move this a couple of weeks back to the 23rd? I've got a whole bunch of real life stuff going on that's going to get in the way. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather ride the mountain, but somebody else would have to explain to my missus.

So, if we can move this to the 23rd, preferably around 2:00 in the afternoon, that would be great. I'm flexible on the time, but I'd prefer afternoon.

Best bet is probably to meet up on top of the mountain. There is a road that leads up from the back of Kincumber. Get onto Island View Drive and follow it up to the top of the mountain. It's paved all the way to the top. At the top you'll find a picnic area with toilets, BBQ's, etc. This is the best place to meet up. There is also a really nice rock platform that you can drop off, for those who are that way inclined.

From the picnic area you have access to most of the best riding in the reserve. Best bet is to head North along the trail towards Colin Waters lookout. A hole bunch of the single track and better trails are to the North of the lookout and communications tower.

goatman's picture

Just wondering is it possible to shuttle some of these runs using Island View Drive?

Tracks sound great! I can't make it that weekend unfortunately.

scottm8's picture

The 23rd would actually suit me better??

Little-Ditty's picture

Hi Mullet.

I have realised that I am not able to do this ride on the 16th. But also the 23rd will not work for me either as there are other rides on each weekend up to Coffs on 1 July. Damn.

Can we make this either Saturday 7th or 14th?

No big deal if I end up the odd man out. I am but a man. Let me know when you are able.

mulletriverswimmer's picture

The 7th or 14th of July would probably be fine.... it's a way's out, but no worries.

In answer to the shuttle run question, you could probably do it on some of the trails on the South side of the mountain. There are a couple of trails that follow Island View down. Not a bad ride down, actually. A pickup at the bottom near the water tank would cut out a whole bunch of up-hill slog. I've never done it, but now you mention it, yeah that would be a hoot. It is also be possible to a shuttle on the North side of the mountain too, but in all honesty it's a bloody long drive around. You'd probably be just as well of to push your bike back to the top. It's probably a 15 minute drive back to the top from the north side of the mountain, then a ten mnute ride back to the downhill.

Little-Ditty's picture

Hi guys... the ride has moved to 7 July 2007.

Hope you can all still make it! You have enough notice. Smiling

nate's picture

July 7th should still be fine for me, I'll let you know closer to the date.

-I have a good shuttle vehicle for 4 or 5 bikes.


scottm8's picture

this date should still be fine with me. ill let you know wen it gets closer

scottm8's picture

Just realized that I am going to the Live Earth concert that day! I wont be able to make the ride! maybe next time!

blackbetty's picture

i'd be up for that.

pikey's picture

Hi Liam,

what to you know of the terrain? You been there before?



blackbetty's picture

i just live in the area and up for some exploration.

sensai_miagi's picture

hi all,

thanks for the trail details mullet man. it sounds reasonably you think it would be okay to hit on a hard tail? (i kind of like carving up a track, as oppossed to bull riding, if you know what i mean). for eg., i like manly dam on my h tail, more rocky and i'm generally out. advice would be much appreciated since i'm frothing to get along to my first nob mob ride.

Little-Ditty's picture

Are we still on for Saturday 7th? Please post your availability as I think there are a few keen riders here.

Greg, I don't know for sure. But I don't think it will anything too difficult mate. You and the Bluey should be okay.


Rob's picture

I'm there, will Liam be requiring a taxi? 7am from Hornsby?

This is an all mountain trip, right? Ride up a few fire trails, look for some sniggle, etc, etc?

Little-Ditty's picture

Yes game on indeed. I do not think it will be a replica of the Coffs DH course. So any XC rider should be okay on this. It's not like we are turning up with full face helmets or anything.

Rob, I do not need a lift. I already had made another arrangement. I think someone else here was hitching a lift with me. Sorry mate. Eye-wink Caro may need to lift if she was intending to come along.

Caro's picture

testride her possible new N+1 on Saturday!!

Would love to come along but I can't pick up the Rush Smiling before 9am on Sat, not sure if I would be able to pick it up on Friday night and keep it over night....

Also was thinking that riding it around the Dam (a track I know well) might be a good idea to compare it to other bikes I was going to test...

Have to think about this...

Will get back to you.

Alex's picture

room for 1 more? (on the trails, not the car Smiling) i think im keen for this one too if thats cool?

Rob's picture

Has Caro bought a Rush?! Go team Lefty? Smiling

Caro on a dualie half the weight of her HT... be afraid boys Eye-wink

Or is this some evil joke to get our hopes up Evil

Little-Ditty's picture

Hey Rob,

The other alternative is to pick me up (keep it clean!!), then stop at this other fella's house in Mona Vale along the way. That is, if you think it's okay to have 3 in your car? I'll work on the arrangement from my end for another day, and let you know.


(Caro testing a new bike. Waaaaaaa! I want one too!! Good luck butterfingers!)

petulance's picture

Are you getting the bike from CBD or BA?

I assume a deposit is required before the shop lets you test ride the bike. Is there anything else involved?

Caro's picture

am getting a Rush from BA on Saturday for 70,- for one day. That will come off the price if I decide to buy a bike from them.
The Rush is the first one I am trying, have a few others in mind, we will see...

Decided I won't come to this ride after all, with the 8 hour race on Sunday it would be just too packed.
Will go for a few laps around the Dam instead.
Take loads of Pics and tell me all about it!!

Have fun!

nate's picture

I'm definatly in for this ride, should be great!

just not sure if it's going to be mostly downhill or if people are bringing cross country/trail bikes instead?

-I can give someone a lift up there if it helps (I'm at Harbord), but I won't be comming back to Sydney until Sunday.

sensai_miagi's picture

hi all, i've decided to lock this ride in...sounds like a good one. i'll be the guy that looks like he doesn't know anyone. btw...does anyone have a spare spot going in their car? see ya!

Rob's picture

Has anyone got a topo map of this area? Should I get one? Eye-wink

Can any of the locals recommend a decent meeting point (a local servo?)? I looked on Google and the trail seems to come out at the end of Bronzewing Dr. Also looks to be a trail head just off Koolang Rd. In fact, looks like you can loop these together (ride back on the flat) if you want. Both these are closer to the highway so better for us coming from Sydney.

If this ride turns out to be short, I'm also game to visit Bouddi a little further South. Looks like you can ride along MacMasters Fire trail then down Mt Bouddi Rd/Bouddi Spring Dr to the beach then along The Bouddi Trail and back up to the road (Grahame Dr). Ahhhhh.... looks nice.

Rob's picture

Ah, found this just now:

This starts/finishes where I was talking about. Look at the elevation... niiiiice Eye-wink

Here's the sort of route I was talking about above.

Alex's picture

on the other hand i dont think i can be that close to ourimbah and not feel the unstoppable magnetic field pulling me in to say hello Eye-wink

Little-Ditty's picture

Come on Alex, why go to somewhere that you have been plenty of times before? Come along to something new Eye-wink

Alex's picture

I want to come to that too, just saying its a hop, skip and a jump from there to ourimbah which sounds a swell way to finish of the days riding festivities Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

I doubt there will be time to do anything at Ourimbah. Anything involving an "explore" at Kincumba will also mean time spent searching. 3-4 hours doing that is enough for me, and I would not want to be knackered if we turn up to Ourimbah. Spoils the experience! Eye-wink Anyway, I didn't want you to think I was going to Ourimbah Alex. Obviously, I am not sure what anyone else is thinking...

Alex's picture

sweet dude was just thinking out loud anyways hehe

blackbetty's picture

having got all prepared, (gettint towbar on car and some shin/knee pads) i've pretty much taken all the skin off the ball of my foot behind the big toe last night on a bit of cement whilst playing touch footy... i can send in pics if you want something nasty to add to your injuries section although probly doesn't count since it didnt happen on two wheels.

pretty dissapointed, as i thought it was gonna be good fun. hope you get a good ride in.

i'm probably going to post up a ride in ourimbah (seen as people seem edging to do both kincumber and ourimbah) for next weekend assuming my foot's better.

petulance's picture

next weekend as I have never ridden there before. I was tossing up between doing a hilly road ride or Kincumber this weekend but it looks like the round of sniffles going through the office has finally gotten to me.

Were you thinking of the XC or DH sections of Ourimbah?

blackbetty's picture

so we don't annoy the kincumba riders.

ar_junkie's picture

Ridden it once, 2 years ago... some serious stuff on offer... although it is pretty short so I'm sure it won't take too long to get through... definite speed sections!

Rob's picture

Serious stuff? You mean the route South to Bouddi, or the one up and over Kincumber (East to West)?

Comments like this spur us on Smiling

Bike is all cleaned and ready to roll... damn tomorrow being Friday!

blackbetty's picture

"Comments like this spur us on"

and make those unable to go really jealous...

kiwiboy's picture

Hey Caro I think you shared the truck back from the 70km mark at Coffs with my wife - rides a brown Rush?
She did say you were in the market - and she is definitely a Rush fan. Her riding has improved scarily since she upgraded.
Good luck with the test ride...

pikey's picture

Nothing better than a bit of exploring!

See you there


Gilbo's picture

count me in too, see you all there.


Caro's picture

Hi Kiwiboy!

I did meet your wife indeed and she was raving about her Rush!! Can't wait to test it ! Smiling
Say hi to her from me!

pikey's picture

Mark, I have a spare seat but where do you live? I'm at Belrose.

Call me stupid but are we meeting at the end of Kerns Rd?



Alex's picture

yeh im a bit confused as to the meeting spot too

Rob's picture

Editorial privilege Eye-wink

This is where the GPS we found the other day started and finished so seems as good a place as any. Looks to be a small dirt area to park up there.

All good?

leopafe's picture

I guess this one is the hot pick for the weekend. Meet you guys there.

Rob's picture

Look at that profile:

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Eye-wink

Another few trails here to explore for sure!

Little-Ditty's picture

Damn straight!! Am with you on that one Rob. A great ride. Can't wait to see the pics from the day. And look at those peaks and troughs on the MB track. Hills are hard. Downhills are awesome!! Laughing out loud

Rob's picture

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