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In the Hurt Box

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By Fatboy - Posted on 27 March 2011

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Another great Rocky Trail event held at the new Mt Annan venue.

I came into this event knowing I was going to have a painful experience. I have a ruptured disc in my back which is the reason I started riding about 6 yrs ago as it's one of the few things I can do to keep fit without aggravating my injury too much. Last month I caused it to flare up but did the Willo event anyway. I was able to ride at 80% on the fire roads without issue but the single track hurt.

After having a ride at Mt Annan a couple of weeks ago I knew it would be hard on a completely fit back due to the constant switchback so rather than ramp up my training I concentrated on resting my back. I felt good all week until Friday night when I bent forward for about 15mins changing brake pads then when I stood up I realised I was in trouble.

I hate my back getting in the way of my fun so off we went to the race full of anti inflammatory's and pain killers.

I wore a back brace for the first 4 laps and rode at a cruisy pace but the pain became too intense so I ripped off the brace and 6 panadeine forte later continued the race. I then found if I stood on the pedals with my head low in front of the bars I could step up the pace without pain so put in a strong lap but then the pain got worse. I was also suffering nausea from all of the drugs so it became impossible to gob down my gels, bars and fluid. I kept pushing on but had to walk any climb.

All the way around my last lap I was racing to get across the finish before the 4hrs was up so I could squeeze in 1 more lap. I succeeded by 7 seconds but when I stopped to get a drink bottle I then thought it through and the fact I was nowhere near the pointy end decided to pull the pin.

I slept the whole way home in the car despite my 2yr old screaming "daddy" the whole way apparently.

The venue was really good. The only problem being car parking which required you to drop your gear off then drive up to 1km away to park. One thing we always enjoy about the Rocky Trail events is they are family friendly. We can park the car almost on the track so my wife can do the drinks thing for me and our daughter (the nightmare) can play/sleep in the car. The track itself is great and they announced they have plans to double the length from about 7 to 14km.

I now have a month or so to recover before the Dirtworks.

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