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Rocky Trail's SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Race 1

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By trailburner - Posted on 17 February 2011

Saturday, 26 March, 2011 - 09:00
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

There's a small parking area on Caley Drive next to the trail head. This is approximately 2.1km South from the larger road junction (circle) at Mt Annan Drive and approximately 1.4km South of the main car park.

Their address is Mount Annan Drive, Mount Annan NSW 2567. See:


Rocky Trail's SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Series 2011

Round 1

Rocky Trail Entertainment invites mountain bike enthusiasts and enduro riders to the brand-new MTB tracks at Mount Annan Botanic Garden for the first 2011 round of their popular MTB Grand Prix Series.

With NEW major sponsor SHIMANO they will bring you the 4H and 8H solo or team challenges and take you to four exciting MTB destinations throughout the series. With kids races and activities offered, families and friends of racers will also enjoy a great day out!

The series kicks off on 26 March at Mt Annan Botanic Garden, Sydney’s best-kept MTB secret and newest trail heaven. Not even an hour South-West of Sydney near Campbelltown you’ll be captivated by the beautiful surrounds of the Botanic Garden with kids playgrounds and walking tracks and at the latest by the time you’re riding on single track that’s shaped like the shores of Australia!

We are turning up the heat for the SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix.

Our restructured range of categories will ensure tight and fair battles across gender and age groups.

The focus is on Solo and Pair racing while we still have the Team of 3 option for the 8hour.

The bigger categories will always be run while some only if 3 or more teams sign up for them.

Masters (40+) and Supermasters (50+) will have their own categories.

Elite category (18-39) will see tough battles - that's for sure.

Juniors can sign up at a reduced price for Solo and Team of 2 in the GP4 and Team of 2 in the GP8

Singlespeeders will have their own solo categories if 3 or more sign up.

For the full list of categories have a look here:

Who's in?
evan, GAZZA, Steve 01, trailburner, Jee10, shortcut72, CROMERBOY, Antsonline, muvro, Fatboy, Ray, craked, Floydo, Faber (14 riders)
evan GAZZA Steve 01 trailburner Jee10 shortcut72 CROMERBOY Antsonline muvro Fatboy Ray craked Floydo Faber
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
craked fun in the dust Finished 9 04:07:12 85 2
Fatboy In the Hurt Box Finished 7 03:59:53 157 16

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craked's picture

I'm in, team of 2 masters should be fun and close to home too Smiling

Scottboy's picture

rain on it & drying out slowly it should be good for a interesting weekend , come say hi if I haven't met you before or I might see you on the track somewhere ?

Floydo's picture

Team of three.
Take it easy on them, out on the track. As passing can be difficult in some sections of this track.

CROMERBOY's picture

I am riding with Craig, and we are the wrong side of 40 so take it easy on us!

craked's picture

don't remind me, this time next year I'll be riding super masters!

craked's picture

anyone Know what time the gates will open on sat morning?

Scottboy's picture

open at 7am for those attending the race , if you are not sure where to go I might post myself just past the Mt Annan Garden shops as you head up the hill, I say there will be a line up at the gates b4 i get there in the morning . So if anybody doesn't know where to go as you enter the park go past the shop that is on your left & continue straight ahead ,do not turn left after the carpark near the shops & toilet area because you will be heading back out of the Gardens . Or any Nobmobbers ahead of me lead the pack too where they must be .

muvro's picture

I've never been there, so I'd be keen to see a map or something.

Keen to see how my knee holds out. Smiling

craked's picture

there are maps on Mount annan web site also on rocky trail web site , links at top of this page

Scottboy's picture

woop woop the track is in fine form , rode it today & there are going too be some fast times

GAZZA's picture

i heard its fairly smooth but technical?
should i take the hardtail? (is there loads of switchbacks with lots of braking and accelerating?) or,
take the full suspension ( more rocky techy descents and climbs?)

Scottboy's picture

There are a few tight switch backs some log rollovers a bit of firetrail , Gazza this course is not Technical for me so it should be easy for you , you are always on the pedal is the best way too describe the track . Take both if you aren't sure or how much pain can your back take

muvro's picture

Thanks for that. It'd probably help if I read the top post properly.... Lol

Scottboy's picture

pull up today Muvro , it was a tough track as eyeryone says , the only thing they took out today was the bit up the top where you were deep in the trees & the little bit of fire road heading north . Hope everybody had fun ..

Fatboy's picture

How good is Gordo?

He did 11 laps, flatted on one while his other 10 filled the places for top 10 lap times. What's more impressive is the times were all grouped within 21 sec.

craked's picture

Bloody legend ,so calm and polite when passing too

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