You are hereDo you use Facebook? Do you want FB 'Like' buttons on this site?

Do you use Facebook? Do you want FB 'Like' buttons on this site?

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By Rob - Posted on 01 April 2011

30% (24 votes)
21% (17 votes)
39% (31 votes)
What is Facebook?
10% (8 votes)
Total votes: 80
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I'd rather get a constructive comment but don't want to be an old fuddy duddy so if the cool kids are doing it...

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...What's a Facebook? Sticking out tongue

I HATE Facebook - please don't! I'll be an old fuddy duddy too.

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Just had a conversation with my 19 year old niece where I called it "the Facebook" and she called me a buffoon.

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I'm on facebook. Don't see the point of a "like" button on nobmob.

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I believe one is meant to encourage site users to 'like' pages on sites other than the Facebook site - not the 'The Facebook' site Hornet Eye-wink - so that your friends who wouldn't normally frequent that other site and only hang out on Facebook get to see what things you like outside of all the stuff that goes on there.

OK, so we already have the 'Bookmark & Share' thingo, but 'Like' is just a super easy one click version of this for the lazy amongst us.

Someone - who I won't name Sticking out tongue - asked if we could add it as they didn't always want to comment on a post, but wanted to let the author know they liked it.

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I'm sure I've asked for that feature in the past...
Sticking out tongue

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Ive asked before also
i hate typing!!!!!!!!

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Never been to facebook and can't see myself going there soon.

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I like it!

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My daughter lives on facebook ,it really craps me off!

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Hey Rob
I voted yes/no.

Don't get me wrong, I use FB everyday, but I've very rarely hit a 'like' button. Pretty sure none of my non MTB friends are interested in my trainspotting-like devotion to MTB. (personally I'd rather have a mobile version of the site, but that's been discussed before). Sure if you think the 'like' button would add value to posts or threads then chuck it on. It can't do any harm testing it's usefulness and FB do make it easy to add this functionality. It could be a great way to deliver more traction to the site, the MTB community and our great sport.


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why not put a twitter link on there while you're at it?

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Rob, just enable the feature. If people don't want to use it they don't have to. It's hardly going to ruin anyones day.

For the record I use FB about once a week, and use the like buttons because I can't be bothered typing.

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... it's a bit different. It's already included in the 'Bookmark & Share' thing.

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... as you can see it's appeared. If you don't like @rsebook, just don't press the button.

As 'toast said, can't hurt, can it? Smiling

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The 'Like' button for that last comment?

Sticking out tongue

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Yes, yes... there's always one! Sticking out tongue

I did think that we could put the buttons down to the comment level but that is just getting silly! Sticking out tongue

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I am with Gazza, sometimes cba to type.

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As 'toast said, can't hurt, can it?


There is a hideous bug in Javascript that the FB like button uses that causes what looks like an infinite loop in some versions of IE (what a surprise, IE being involved).

As such, have removed the 'Like' for now.

One particular user seems to have left their PC on the site and gone to work (or just stepped away). Their computer are currently hitting the homepage 2-3 times a second. This is IE7. Nice! Sad

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You didn't think I was serious did you Rob? Sticking out tongue

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Don't forget you can still click the 'Bookmark & Share' thing, just you then have to type a few things. Too hard? Sticking out tongue

Will put the like buttons back when they fix the problem.

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Funny how the results of the poll are a resounding 'No' yet we're still getting the button.

I don't really care, just saying is all. Laughing out loud

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Yeah... well... it wasn't meant to affect those who didn't want to press it Eye-wink

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How about an internal NM 'Like' feature for images etc. so people can like a post/image and it doesn't link back to FB?

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You mean like the stars on images? Which creates a list of popular images.

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I'm aware of the 'Stars'... Sticking out tongue

I'm referring to clicking a 'Like' button/link and the user name is recorded under the image/post, as does in FB.

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