You are hereHow many time a year do you defecate (number two) in bushland whilst on an MTB ride?

How many time a year do you defecate (number two) in bushland whilst on an MTB ride?

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By Noel - Posted on 09 April 2011

I have never done that
75% (45 votes)
Averaged out, less than once a year
17% (10 votes)
1-2 times
2% (1 vote)
3-5 times
5% (3 votes)
5-10 times
0% (0 votes)
Over 10 times every year
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 60
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Funny isn't it. The sides of walking tracks are often littered with used toilet paper. You rarely see that on a mountain bike trail

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If I am racing, normally nerves have effected me enough that I have had to go to the loo 4 times in the hour before the race and I always make sure I have a coffee before I race to be 100% sure lol.

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I find with all the bumping and vibrations it tends to speed up the process. If I havent gone before I leave, me and the bike go looking for the mossy log with a nice view. MMM quite relaxing in my book.

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I was reading some of the National Parks Association Website:

"Wait until you get out of sensitive areas such as caves and canyons before defecating or urinating. Bury all faeces and toilet paper at least 15cm deep. Carry out things that won't easily decompose, such as used tampons, sanitary pads and condoms. Carry a lightweight plastic trowel or a large aluminium tent peg to make digging easier." ( )

Disgusting. I've never needed to take a crap on a trail whilst riding my bycycle. I can't see why these NPA'ers can't carry it out with them?

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Ive been close once, but have yet to do so. Always try to go beforehand.

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I always carry the necessary paperwork but always manage to resist the urge to fill it in.

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Whereas I have NEVER taken a dump whilst riding, I have come close on many occasions to $hi##ing myself at Oxford Falls and Awaba DH.

Not the same thing??

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Shitting yourself on a scary technical bit of track count.

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So who voted over 10 times a year, was it you GAZZA?

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... in this thread?



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I thought of Fankles immediately, but he was riding the Tour De Cure so don't reckon he'll have logged-in (fnarrr) and voted and then logged-out (fnarrr) again.


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