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Woodford to Glenbrook Classic - advice?

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By Stu White - Posted on 11 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking to do the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic for the first time this year. Whats the best logistics advice regarding going up there on my own (family got kids football obligations). Where to park the car, catch the train with the bike? Anyone figured it out? Travelling from Sydney - can you get up there in enough time to make the 9Am start?

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From Glenbrook station shuttles for you and the bike are provided, throw the bike on the back of the truck and then you can either catch the train up or they also run buses up to Woodford. The ride out of the finish centre isn't too bad or they have the shuttle running back up to Glenbrook

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I find it easier to park at woodford do the race and catch the train back up. Sure its longer but you avoid the chaos of the morning shuttle up.

The other option Moggio once conned me into was to ride back up the high way.

Was a nice day out on the bike

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Traveling from Sydney you will need to be an early riser and it will be a very cold morning.

As mentioned, shuttles run from glenbrook. I assume you won't be competing with the elites so your age group does not start until around 9:20 I raced in the social group last year which did not start until around 9:30.

At woodford they also offer a shuttle for excess baggage you don't want to carry during the race. This is good for all the warm clothes you wore on the way up.

As a novice rider like myself, I recommend it taking part in the event.

Good luck

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Thanks flynny ...I was thinking of that strategy. Park do the race and deal with the train later. Pending more advice I'll most probably do that. Hope cityrail don't plan track work for that weekend Smiling.

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