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By richo - Posted on 16 April 2011

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Has anyone been to awaba today ? Is it raining out there and how is the track holding up for tomorrow's 8 hour race?


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at a 110km round trip for me to ride out there-I am not going out with fingers crossed-plus had a quick look on NobMob weather thingy it has had some rain.

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Saw photos of the carpark, nice sheet flow happening. I really hope the race gets posponed tomorrow, the place dries quick, but this weather is set in.

Wet Awaba

The trails won't be pretty if the carpark looks like that.

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The area has had >15mm of rain so far today with more to come. See the CF website for news:


"Round 1 Update Sat 10am: HMBA are currently reviewing conditions at Awaba due to the heavy showers in the region. Looks like heavy showers all day today but much improved tomorrow. Will keep you updated here and on Facebook. Final call will be made at 4pm today."

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That pic doesn't look very promising for tomorrow ..postponing it could be difficult with a pack calendar Easter next weekend then dirtworks the following ..

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Postpone would be a later in the season thing (up to chocolate foot), better than smashing the trails for a small profit. They did can the practice today though, not that any sane person would want to ride these conditions.

Awaba has a big catchment and once the ground is saturated the ground water flows for weeks as it makes its way down the hill. Still hoping they can it.

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Race has been postponed ....I didn't fancy riding in this weather it no good for track or bike...on a plus note i can drink at the party I'm going to tonite lol

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wow Lenny have never seen it that bad!-so glad race has been called off.

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Initially the club restricted the race to the yellow loop after a recon lap. The blue loop would have gotten slaughtered and there was nonpoint checking the red.

Continued rain ruled out the yellow.

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