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Long overdue Mont 24 Write-up

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By Discodan - Posted on 05 May 2011

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2011 Mont24
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This was my second team 24 event and a very different kettle of fish from the Jet Black 24 I'd done previously. If we could just drop the cabins from Del Rio into the Kowan site it would be perfect. In the interests of bevity here's the concise version.

- The slugger: John. Was crook and was out for the count in the tent from lunchtime on Saturday but still managed to get out for every one of his laps bar one. Didn't puke once on the track
- The machine: Deon. Did a 4 lap stint during the night so the rest of the team could get a decent sleep, what a gentleman! (I might add this was on a single speed and he was still doing 55 minute night laps). Finished the race with a double lap in the mud on his backup bike with no brakes
- The demo bike: On Saturday I'd booked an Anthem 29er demo lap for 9am on Sunday. With the mud and shagged legs it wasn't a great chance to evaluate the bike but shit I'm glad I didn't have to clean it afterwards. I think I want one
- The track: interesting with a bit of challenge without being too technical. The dust was a pain to start with but better than the mud. I'd like to go back once it's really bedded in.

- None really, leaving my chargers in the charging tent and realising half way back to sydney
- packing up in the rain

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