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2011 Mont24

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By Brian - Posted on 05 December 2010

Saturday, 9 April, 2011 - 12:00
24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kowen Forest
Meeting Point: 

East Kowan


Who's in?
Rob, Heckler, Whisperer, evan, akk, daves, GAZZA, scottm8, Harry, leximack, Steve 01, chica, Carlgroover, mtbasn.alex, Nick R, hawkeye, Brian, CB, Hans, unclebullbar, philberesford, Supagav, Jee10, Glen, darkmuncan, Bikeboy, obmal, CROMERBOY, loki, Logan, metty, daveh, brakeburner, Ed, craked, Azzking, Discodan (37 riders)
Rob Heckler Whisperer evan akk daves GAZZA scottm8 Harry leximack Steve 01 chica Carlgroover mtbasn.alex Nick R hawkeye Brian CB Hans unclebullbar philberesford Supagav Jee10 Glen darkmuncan Bikeboy obmal CROMERBOY loki Logan metty daveh brakeburner Ed craked Azzking Discodan
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Discodan Long overdue Mont 24 Write-up Finished 23 24:34:23 71 Foursomes Male 18
Whisperer Mont-u-mental Finished 23 24:37:20 Foursomes Roaring 40’s Mixed 3
daveh The Mont Rocks! Finished 23 24:47:15 76 Six Packs Male 20
Brian My First 24hr Event Finished 22 23:07:14 92 Six Packs Male 23
Logan Logan's Run! Finished 22 23:07:14 92 Six Packs Male 23
philberesford First 24hr - Dusty then muddy Finished 19 22:30:47 247 Foursomes Male 73

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craked's picture

anyone looking for team members ? I am very keen for this and will train hard!

mtbasn.alex's picture

hey guys does anyone need me to ride in their team hoping to get a ride Smiling

philberesford's picture

I chucked it up onto my Garmin thingy here:

EDIT: Just had a chance to look at the profile. Those hills aren't looking too bad? And there's what looks like a 2km downhill section too. Niiiice

EDIT 2: The course above has been changed. The new course looks waaay twistier

Brian's picture

Did anyone notice the newsletter sent re the Mont. They are checking helmets or do they say that every year?

philberesford's picture

I saw that too...

GAZZA's picture

What A croc os s''t!
Had that done at a roadrace once and nearly got turned away because my Giro helmet was purchased in the U.S. and didn't have an Aussie standards stamp in it even though it was a clone of the ones that are stamped for Australia!
I'm sure a lot of folks are gonna be lining up arguing just because they have an overseas helmet!
TIP.... take the standards sticker out of a cheaper helmet, the foil will come off when you do this and it will become clear. with back of sticker in hand,glue tin foil to 'clear' aussie standards sticker. leave to dry the turn over and stick back yo the helmet!
Happy Days!!!! Eye-wink

Scottboy's picture

Now when I go around checking helmets from all the ppl on nobmob yours will be the first I check , no only joking , not marshalling down there this year as I haven't got enuff weekend leave atm . It was too dusty last year i'm still trying to get the dust out of my tent lol . Have fun guys I might stick my head in down there & say hello still .

Morgan's picture

I think Mr Delicious might, unusually, have a word to say about that

unclebullbar's picture

I too have a helmet (Fox Flux) purchased in the USA. On the front cover of the owners manual, it has an Australian Standards badge, so I will take that down, but I'm still concerned. I e-mailed the Mont Team last week, but haven't had a reply yet.

Brian's picture

Looks like they are enforcing this one.

Brian's picture

They have updated it to include helmets meeting the international standards they list

philberesford's picture

I just received some correspondence from The Mont crew about team rego and they made mention to helmets again:

You can register your whole team, but in order to do this you need signed waivers for all of them

Download waivers (and team waivers) from the website

Note: Helmets still have to be checked before your guys can ride - at REGO or TRANSITION

philberesford's picture

When is everyone heading down and should we try and make an unofficial nob camping area?

I'm planning on heading down mid friday morning

Camp area in case you haven't seen looks like this:

Logan's picture
daveh's picture

Anything can happen but that looks pretty damn good for all three days! Still, you can never have too many tarps on hand just in case.

Brian's picture
Brian's picture
philberesford's picture

Well done team!

Your strategy paid dividends Smiling

pancakes's picture

Looking at the lap times I'm wondering what happened on the last lap. Many of the final laps were blown out by 10 or so minutes. Was it the rain or volume of traffic for the last lap push?

I should have extracted the digit and done the Mont this year...hopefully next year.

Brian's picture

The rain came big time. There should be a pic of Andy after his lap and you will understand.

Rob's picture

Carlgroover's last lap was a bit slow because he got 2 punctures then his rear hub broke and couldn't pedal! Pfffft Eye-wink

philberesford's picture

Looks like Josh transformed back into a human again and put in a 'normal' lap.

Does anyone know who got fastest lap?

Rob's picture

According to the results, Dylan Cooper did a 42:25 on his first lap (which was lap 2 of the race). Average speed of 24.05km/h!

Brian's picture


Does this explain why the later lap times were a bit slower

Mont Logan

Rob's picture

Damaged Pivot

pancakes's picture

lol looks like it was some good, clean fun. Laughing out loud

craked's picture

while riding the course there were flashes going off constantly ,anyone no where to find official photo's ?

Brian's picture

Here but they haven't been uploaded yet.

philberesford's picture

The photograhers didn't pack up for drier warmer clothes. Kudos to them for sticking it out. Really looking forward to seeing the mud and night photos.

Brian's picture

Just in case anyone was wondering how many laps were done during the Mont it was 10,376.

Scottboy's picture

that the new track has been bedded in by now ?

Brian's picture

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