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Logan's Run!

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By Logan - Posted on 12 April 2011

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2011 Mont24
Logans Fun Shun erm Run
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Wow the Mont 24 Hour 2011, what a great event and a great track and great people in the team and who we camped with as well. It was great a great weekend if a little cold.

I got down on Friday Arvo with Rob and we quickly got our gear sorted and pitched the tents etc. Scouting lap in the arvo with Gazza and I going pretty balls out during the singletrack, it was clear it was going to be a sensational piece of track to race on with some nice bermed corners and technical challenging stuff. Friday night, chilled with crew and watched NWD10.

Saturday 12pm came round fairly quickly and after sorting the bike, made my way to the start line, I cheated and walked up to the front of the pack and muscled my way in there, sod getting stuck behind people. My tactic for the first lap was to pretty much bury myself and put in a really fast lap and try and hold on to Gazza and it worked well. I was prolly one of the first 50 to arrive to get my bike and managed to pretty much hold Gazza's wheel for the majority of the lap, I came in only 30 seconds behind him and set the team up for a decent start with a fast first lap. Rob did the next lap....more about that later.

My 2nd and 3rd laps were double laps at night, which was great fun. I really felt in the groove riding at night and again just smashed myself to pieces. The singletrack was sensational and I just felt like the bike was dialed in so nicely that I could hammer through the corners and really get on the gas early coming out of the corners. I think I only got passed by two people for both of my double laps, one was Josh Carlson and the other a Trek rider.

My 4th lap was at 4am in the morning, wasnt looking forward to getting out of bed but again set off well and got into the groove early on, unfortunatly I suffered a mechanical due to being called through by another rider on the right for me to overtake, the only problem was there was a massive rock garden which I rode straight through, this caused a rock to get kicked up, hit the downtube on the Yeti and ruptured my rear break hose so basically had no rear brake for 3/4 of the lap which was really annoying. It meant I had to scrub all my speed using my front brake and meant all my weight was on the front wheel so it really lost traction before entering the corners. I did however manage to still put in a 58min lap which I thought was pretty descent.

Thanks to Rob for sorting the rear brake so I could get out there again!

Final lap was a mud fest, Racing Ralphs were all over the place, however I did just throw caution to the wind during the bermed switchbacks and just push hard through that section, final lap time was a 65min lap.

So yeah Robs lap, I am surprised it hasnt been mentioned, but we all had a good laugh when we heard that someone with one leg had gone one minute better than him, which we all had a good chuckle about.

Thanks to Craig, Dan, Brian, Jon and Rob for a great team, I think we did really well, carried on going through the night where others stopped and put in some decent consistent laps, granted not anywhere near the podium but not a bad result I think. Thanks to Rob for driving and some great photos as well.

Garmin Profiles Below:

Lap 1:

Lap 2 and 3:

Lap 4:

Lap 5:

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Hey Andy, great result.
It was great to see you getting out there and giving it your best, especially those double laps.
Kudos for doing that sub-hour lap with no back brake too!

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I had a blast being the first event I've camped at and all

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