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The Mont Rocks!

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By daveh - Posted on 04 May 2011

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Had an absolute ball at The Mont and can so very easily see why everyone raves about it. Arriving at the campground to see so many people there to ride their bikes, the excellent set-up and facilities at race central, the nervous/excited buzz and then, on that first night, the quietest and stillest campground that I have ever witnessed.

I took on the first lap which was a bit sucky from a riding point of view, slow slog tyre to tyre, but from an atmosphere point of view it was awesome. My first night lap was easily the most fun that I have had in my somewhat short riding "career" - flying through the forest with nothing but the track in your lights was simply magic! The camaraderie as you came across other people and wanted to pass, feeling that you're doing a damn good job and getting through pretty quickly and then hearing track being called as a current World Champ. screams past you was just fantastic.

The track was awesome, I loved every centimetre of the 18km course. Being woken at some ungodly hour to go riding through the forest and then making your way through the campground in the middle of the night on your way to transition, seeing those heading out for a lap looking equally blank faced but those coming back from a lap with big smiles and knowing that will be you in an hour's time.

I will definitely be back for The Mont next year. Racing laps in a team is such a different beast than enduros, equally as fun but a great to get away for a weekend just to ride and be part of a team in what is usually a solo sport. Thanks to to trail builders, organisers, volunteers and everyone else involved. See you next year.

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good result for your team Dave ,I agree team events are great fun ,and that racing in the wee hours will take a bit of getting used to! Smiling

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Thanks Craig. BTW, you had some cracking lap times!

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