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Lane Cove Novice Ride

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By shano - Posted on 15 May 2011

Sunday, 22 May, 2011 - 09:00
2 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Lane Cove National Park
Meeting Point: 

Creek Crossing at Browns Waterhole


Pretty easy cruise through Lane Cove National Park.

Who's in?
davis_jnr, shano, Little-Ditty, Lach, Caro, Noel, Hans, naz, Jonathan, craked, jonob (11 riders)
davis_jnr shano Little-Ditty Lach Caro Noel Hans naz Jonathan craked jonob
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I have recently moved to Epping, so this $2 tour will come in really handy. I am already bored cruising around the LCNP fire roads next to the water... not the most exciting trails. Do you promise to show me around all of the fun trails? See you on Sunday. Thanks Shane!! Smiling

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I'll be playing Tour Barbie Sunday per Shane's request. I'll show you a couple things, not necessarily in LCNP. Also, I know you like tricky stuff, and I know of an Epping local ride group who does the real tricky stuff that I could hook you up with. I'll also give you some directions to some other awesome rides (good and technical) that your much closer to now. Is it ok if we shave your spuds and wheel you around in an office chair? It's all part of the induction.

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Wheres the best place to meet up? Never done any of these trails before but have been wanting to for some time now.

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is any one parking there car somwhere on street then riding to brown waterhole so I can follow them,as I have no clue where to go!

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Park on Kissing Point Road on Turramurra side. Follow concrete path down the hill. Can't miss it!
On Epping side park along Vimiera Road. Follow path under M2 down to waterhole!

I am riding down from Hornsby to build up my stamina! Eye-wink

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There is a picnic table on the side of the RTA concrete cycle-way at Browns Water Hole. Thats a good place to wait. We certainly won't be taking the trail there that says "No Mountain Bikes", it's just a good spot to meet.

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This is my local playround (I enter near Fox Valley Rd in Wahroonga). I'm keen to see what other secrets LCNP has.

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But its about time I shook off the man cold and got a ride in. Interested to see if there's any bits I haven't got to as yet.

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Im probably not the best directionally inclined person, is it possible to maybe get a meeting point on google maps of where to park and go from there?

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Hi all,

If this starts at 9:00 a.m. and you are heading in from the South, me and Caro will be riding into the LCNP from the Epping southern/west corner, entry via Boundary Road in north Epping. If you want, we can meet you at the street/fence entry at 8:45 a.m. Just post your request, if so. Cool

Little-Ditty's picture

Noel, I will leave the big stick in the bag on this occasion mate. It would not be fair to cruise around too slowly, walk up hills, and otherwise want to ride off on techy trails that other people are not interested in. I think the small travel bike will be used this time around. But we can talk about some more interesting options when we are out there I guess. Cheers mate. Smiling

Noel's picture

Looks like a fair few are riding there, but if you are driving:

Parking North side:

Parking South side:

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Good to catch up with a few Nobmobbers for a spin around LCNP on a beautiful autumn day (although as the photos show, most of us thought it was colder than it was and Jonathan obviously has no nerve endings in his upper body). Thanks to whoever it was helped me out of the creek bed after my off near the top of the Devlins Ck track. Needed a bit of betadine on the leg and have done something mysterious to my left thumb. Ended up being a 30km+ round trip for me, so a good workout as well.

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Bit bummed that I missed this one. Did anyone GPS it?

Jonathan's picture

By the end of the ride i defiantly had complete feeling in my arms but in saying that my legs were jelly from all those extra hills .

Great ride btw, been wanting to check out lcnp for ages now. Thanks to 'shano' for organising and 'noel' for playing the role of tour guide, looking forward to the next one.


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