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Northbridge Pump Track Maintenance Day & BBQ Sat 28th

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By chuckie - Posted on 27 May 2011

Hi Guys

Just a lil reminder!

Thanks to all who have confirmed that you are attending tomorrow (Sat 28th May) maintenance day.
I know a lot of you are sacrificing riding hours to help out tomorrow, but its for the greater good and future trail advocacy with the councils. Some people are coming a long way to help so we appreciate it.
We should have a good crew there tomorrow and a BBQ (supplied by AMB) is planned too at lunch time so bring a few bucks for snags.

start time is 8.30 am with Trail boss's are Dave Musgrove and Oli Kristevic, sorting tasks out

work will be carried out on
resurfacing the track
Building the berms higher
Additional Rollers

Please bring a hat, gloves and suitable footwear and a good sense of humour...

These are the tools we will need you to bring if you can

Metal Rake
Wheel Barrows
Buckets or watering cans

If anyone has access to a Whacker Plate please let us know

If you haven't got any of the stuff dont worry, we will still need you.

Thanks all, see you tomorrow

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Swung by earlier. Couldn't find it at first and I forgot how steep the hill crossing the bridge was. lol bringing the ss was a bad idea lololol. It was fun though. I saw guys working on it. Was gonna text but didnt have credit and I thought it was gonna rain so I went home after sometime.

If you saw a fat asian man in a white shirt on a fixie that would be me. lol

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