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Withdrawn: PRICE DROP!!! 2011 Yeti 575 XL White race build XT 30 spd

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By UberCarbon - Posted on 21 June 2011

Note that this is "Withdrawn" so is here for archive purposes only.


Near new 2011 Yeti 575 Race build White with XT 30 speed.
Have only ridden 5 times, then broke my shoulder = 9 months recovery.

It's in excellent condition with only a few marks on the bar ends and some very slight scuffs on the chain stay - you have to look closely though.

Every time I look at it I go to gear up, so as I'm going to be off the bike for a year, I might as well send it to a home where it will come out of semi retirement...

This is a seriously awesome bike that fly's DH as well as climbing like a mountain goat - really awesome Trail Bike.

Fox RP23 shock and Float 32 150 with 15mm thru axle is great with the new tapered headset, Thomson seat post & stem, DT Swiss X1600 wheels with Nobby Nics, 3 sets of new pads plus near new pads on bike, Easton XC70 Carbon bars.
All details here:

Grab a bargain and put me out of my misery - to get this here now will cost $6200 new...

I'm on lower north shore, so I am fairly easy to arrange a test ride with...

0404 644 850

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that's a rad looking bike. you should put white grips on it

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you must have really broken that shoulder for a 9 month recovery
Awesome bike man
I'm not in the market but good luck with the recovery and the sale

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It must be bad. I broke my shoulderblade in January and was back commuting just after 6 weeks. I then took another tumble round the Dam and buggered my rotator (same shoulder) 7 weeks later but still managed to put in 50kms at The Willo the following weekend (ok it was uncomfortable and I pulled the pin after lap 2). I then completed my first 24hr at The Mont just 10 weeks after the first break - which was awesome with no problems at all.

Moral: Don't sell your bike. Get back on and ride ride ride!!! wooot Eye-wink

But seriously, mend well buddy Smiling

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Ditto. Keep the bike.

When I dislocated my shoulder and needed repair surgery, I was off the bike for 6 months and off any off-road riding for 7-8.

Seeing the bike there in the garage was painful at first, but it served as a motivator to go hard at the rehab and not back off, to resume ASAP. It even got a couple of upgrades, like a new fork and cockpit.

Cycling - and mountain biking in particular - keeps me fit and "young". The GP actually questioned my age on their records on the weekend. And I'm not the only nobmobber who "suffers" from this "problem" either ... No I am not mentioning any names Sticking out tongue but there are a few so I reckon there's something to this theory. Eye-wink

Hope your recovery is swift.

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Hey all, thanks for the kind comments and encouragement...

Had the Op Monday last week and the damage was worse than the MRI indicated... some of the laborum was not repairable, some serious bone on bone grinding was already happening and there is still big dent in the top of my humerous.
But this is only half the story - I actually broke my right hand in the same crash and need to have the bone pinned for it to repair!!! Considering my left shoulder is immobilized for a few more weeks, and I can do most daily tasks with my right hand, I better recover well with the left shoulder before I get the hand done, which is going to extend time off the bike by an extra 3 months...

So, living in a small 2 bed unit in Sydney with a roadie and a mtb that are not being ridden for almost a year is not so practical. I definitely will be getting another white Yeti next year after everything is back to as normal as it can be!

Pain was pretty deep over the first few days, but I've been improving well over the weekend. Hope to get on the rollers later this week and try to recapture even a little fitness. I've been suffering huge riding with drawls for ages now, and am just focused on rehabilitating myself to get back on and most importantly, strong enough to prevent more nasty dislocations...

Thanks again and happy trails!

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Do you see the 'Click here to withdraw' link? Click it please Smiling

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get better dude, don't rush it, it takes time.

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Is the bike still for sale (what with all the encouragement to get back on and ride) and what size is it?

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