You are hereHave you taken the 'Warringah Council Mountain Bike Rider Survey' yet?

Have you taken the 'Warringah Council Mountain Bike Rider Survey' yet?

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By philberesford - Posted on 30 June 2011

88% (57 votes)
6% (4 votes)
What survey?
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 65
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get to it people and show your support!!!!!!!!!

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And... WTF are the "No" riders talking about? 3 people can't take literally a few minutes to complete a fully online survey that is right there on the Warringah Council website? Like, WTF? Sad

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Just a point! Is it possible to add the link to the top of the page to allow everyone to complete the survey???????
Can only add more weight to the cause.

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yeah Sinkes,took me a while to find the survey(a bit slow, deerr)to vote ,a link would work well I think.

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Just add it in your comment like this Eye-wink

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Getting more numbers, we need everyone to fill this in!

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Some very silly questions re the risk taking stuff. almost as ridiculously leading as those in the UNSW safe cycling survey

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Overall kinda couldn't really be better though for a council survey! Smiling

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