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Angry Doctor & Irate Intern 2007

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By evan - Posted on 04 July 2007

Sunday, 2 September, 2007 - 06:30
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Mogo, Eurobodalla Coast NSW

-35.784860, 150.141330

Another Enduro for the mad people out there.

More info:

A quick spiel:

For the Irate Intern 50km you will ride: 12km of single track; 24km of double track and narrow fire trail; 9km of wide fire trail; 5km bitumen (a little at the start and a little at the finish).

For the Angry Doctor 100km you will ride: 32km of single track; 45km of double track and narrow fire trail; 17km of wide fire trail; 6km of bitumen.

Expected fastest times:

50km - 2.15hours
100km - 4:45hours

These are guesses only!

Who's in?
Rob, alchemist, evan, Bruce, kiwiboy, leopafe, Steve 01 (7 riders)
Rob alchemist evan Bruce kiwiboy leopafe Steve 01
What Happened?

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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OK, so here's a shock... I'm in, but only for the 50!

If this goes well will be back at full distance for the Fling.

Plus, this means if I'm feeling better can treat it as a sprint Laughing out loud... and be there on the line to cheer the rest of you home.

Now... who's booking the accommodation and arranging the car pool? Eye-wink

Carlgroover's picture
If the tracks any good I'm gunna start looking for a job down there

Caro's picture

Finally!! Eye-wink

Caro's picture

to book accommodation together??
Plan: driving down Saturday arvo, coming home Sunday evening after the ride?


Bruce's picture

Evan & I were talking about that last night. Would be happy to do the group thing again.

Carlgroover's picture

I won't be riding this one now, but I may go down as orange boy.

ar_junkie's picture

Hope you guys have a blast!

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Will write more later, but that was a blast!

Just a couple of highlights were hammering the big ring down new sniggle and floating (getting air from little humps - not quiet water bars - that gently lifted you just high enough to know the wheels were off the ground) down fire trail at almost 70Km/h.

Yeeeeeeeee-Haaaaaaar! Smiling Erm, did I already say that? Eye-wink

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Well I can officially say I have completed a 100km race. Not exactly the fastest but completed. At least I know I can ride 8hrs Smiling, well 9.5hrs.

Well done to the rest on completion and some pretty good times to boot.
Must admit, there is some awesome single track that we rode and would love to go back and ride it one day.


Caro's picture

9.5 hours!!!!!!!!?????
Well done! Far out!

But we need more detail Evan!! Laughing out loud
What was the track like, why was it so hard.....

Can you write more when you have recovered? -please- Eye-wink


Paul's picture

Well done Evan, finishing is an accomplishment in itself.

Any hints you can give us 100 virgins would be appreciated.

Do you know what your actual riding time was?

Little-Ditty's picture

Well done Evan! Eye-wink Sounds like you did very well on a hard course. Top work! Smiling

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The race started of in the usual manor, the fast guys quickly split the pack before we hit the dirt, once we were off road we saw the first of many climbs the track went up & down for the rest of the day, there was very little in the way of flat areas to recover.

After giving it some thought I wouldn't say its the toughest 100km race but it seemed slower than most, possibly because of the large volume of single track. One area that stands out as being very slow was about mid way through the first 50km, it was very tight with switch back after switch back, lots of fun but slow.

The downhill runs, particularly in the second half were great fun. There was at least three sections that standout in my memory, the best being in the last 10km, it was extremely fast with decent sized berms, one after the other that seemed to go on for ever. Everyone I spoke to after the race agreed this was the best part of the coarse.

I would highly recommend this race to anyone, just make sure your fitness level is up to the challenge. The organisation of this event was top notch & all involved should consider it a job well done.

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Don't do anything different to your eating habbits. Stick to what you know you can eat on the longer rides. My guts gave me all sorts of troubles. My stuff up was taking too many magnesium tablets to stop cramps when the endura should of been enough.
Sports drink and hydration. For me I found using the water stations for a stop was the best. Filled up with fluids and gels.

If you can afford to stay the night over after the race, I reckon that's a good idea. Poor Bruce had to put up with a not so chatty Evan on the way back.

Actual riding time was probably less due to the above reasons and a couple of pit stops. Probably could have knocked it down to under 9 but only guessing.

Would I do it again ? ........... You bet.

It was an awesome mix of single track, fire trail and over grown fire trails. The single track in parts reminded me of Mt Stromlo, other parts reminded me of Ourimbah and some reminded me of Lithgow.
There were some killer hill climbs as seen in the profile.
For those that did Coffs, the overall experience left Coffs for dead. The track was awesome.


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Must be great to get the first 100 under the belt. The 50's would feel a doddle in comparison.

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Who had a fun time eh???
i know i did
I went into the race sick and charged the 1st 20km before i decided i was to sick to race this one and made the decision to pootle along and have a blat or fang here and there ,
I was chatting to people along the way a friend was marshalling at the 37knm point so stopped to have a chat with him. In the mean time watching all the people i had just overtaken pass me.
Then made my way to the finish making sure I rode all the nesessary north shore type stuff and jumping the waterbars, Pulled up at the 50km transition at just under 3hrs with a head full of snot.
So i decided to lay on the grass and work on my tan instead.

Cant wait until next year when im fit and not flu-ish.
congrats to all that finished.

Con's picture

it was very nice of the organisers to throw in some massive hills at the 97km mark. Just when I thought it was all downhill for the lst 10 kms.

Rob's picture

Few pics from race day:

Only took one on the course. Sorry, too busy having fun Smiling

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