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Mt York convict trails/Celebrate the pass 20th october

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By Flynny - Posted on 02 August 2007

Ok Mt Vic Pass turns 175years old this October and the little village of Mt Victoria is planning a bit of a celebration for it.

What's that got to do with us, I hear you ask.

Well we (CTMBC) have been invited to come a do a social ride on the Convict trails of Mt York.

These trails have recently been handed over to Blue Mt council to manage and this is a bit of a foot in the door for official MTB access.

They offer some great riding and there will be all sorts of other things happening on the day to keep your better half entertained while you ride. Historical renactments, village fete type stuff, Exhibitions showing the history of the area.

Anyway the date is Saturday 20th October more details to come soon.

The plan is to ride down Lockleyers and up Berghoffers as it offers a good 20km ride with some nice single track, great views and ties in with some of the other things they are planning.

Those that don't like the up hills could alway drop a car at the bottom and shuttle up to the start.
A basic map of the area can be found here (Third image down)

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I have done Lockeyers once before but since it was last century, I guess it's time to re-visit.
This by no means implies it's not worth doing more often, I liked it!

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This looks like it will be a fun ride! I'm all booked out for October though. Are these trails rideable before or after the event?

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Hey Flynny, why not add a ride meeting (ie. put it on the calendar?).

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Will do Rob as soon as I get a few things like start time confirmed. Trying to time it so there is plenty for families/better halves to do while the rest of us are out riding.


yes these trails are open. There are currently putting together a plan of management for the area and MTB is slatted as OK though part of the process has been getting Blue Mts Council to take over management of the complete trails from Dep lands as previously they fell under 3 or 4 different management groups

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would love to ride there!!
keep us posted Smiling

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Thanks flynny. I'm going to ride them (very) shortly. As I understand it, you helped organise the opening of the trails to MTBs. Thanks dude!

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but they were kind of OK in a unofficial kind a of way. Now they are a step closer to being officially recognised as shared trails.

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