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Any one into multi-sport events?

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By vtr boy - Posted on 07 July 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Curious if any riders are into more sports than mtb.
I'm thinking of doing the Nepean Odyssey. Organized by same crew doing Kanangra 100. Involves mtb, kayaking and xc running. At 80k's total, it's gonna test me out, especially as I've never really kayaked before. So I'm doing more training before I commit. It was gonna be held in Nov, but now pushed way back to March. Get more training in I guess...and find some kayak gear

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I have been giving this format a bit of thought lately, I have never kayaked before either so in the same boat as you. If it's in March I am real keen to give this a go.

Anyone got suggestions on a cheap kayak for training?? They supply them for the actual race don't they?

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That is one full on course! Straight into it for Mountain Sports. I'm keen to have a crack too, but I'm fatigued just reading the course details.

What I'm getting from the forum section of their site is you have to supply your own gear ,including kayak, and portage it down to the water and back up.

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I've done a few of them.
Gloucester Mountain Man is coming up in september. Its a 20k ride, 10k paddle and 9k run which is a bit shorter and easier if you want some practice. I did it last year and learnt a good boat is important so I have started paddling a plastic surf ski that i picked up of ebay a month ago. the gloucester paddle is down a river with a few rapids and last year many fibreglass boats ended up broken but the plastics all faired pretty well.
The paddle of the nepean oddessy looks a bit tricky. With a 2km portage, a light carbon k1 would be easiest to carry but there not the easiest to paddle and from what I've heard and take a fair bit of balance and practice to use. If you have the time to practice it would be by far the best boat to use but will take a few months to master. It looks like fun, challenging race. I'm considering it

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The portage with the kayak down and then back up from the river would be tough going. Have done a few adventure races before where the kayaks are supplied, which puts everyone on a level playing field. I don't know how I'd go with my own 20kg plastic kayak, The trail is pretty steep with lots of stairs to lug a kayak over. A shortened version of the course would be good for a first go. I think you can hire Kayaks at "Horizon Line" at Penrith Regatta Centre.

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