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By obmal - Posted on 11 July 2011

It's awesome I wear it to bed at night
11% (16 votes)
It's for roadies
17% (25 votes)
I wear it for any MTB ride
29% (43 votes)
It's kinda OK, I occasionally wear it on the trails
11% (17 votes)
I wear it for MTB events
10% (15 votes)
Its verboten and must not be seen on the trails
12% (18 votes)
This is a stupid pole, I ride naked
7% (11 votes)
What's Lycra?
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 149
GAZZA's picture

Compression tights!!!!

hawkeye's picture

Why would you ride naked on a pole? Puzzled

Buck's picture you really need to remind us that you like lycra?!
Name the caption

Logan's picture

Those legs dont look very tanned Gazza.

FlyingTomato's picture

needs to include, "you can wear it... but make sure you actually have pants on too"

all for the comfort factor etc but no one really wants to see your junk that exposed, the people who wear these alone in my opinion are in the same category as girls who wear tights as pants... it only looks good on an EXTREME MINORITY =]

shano's picture

yes I wear lycra. went to full bib knix on the weekend and have never been more comfortable.
no I don't use butt butter. Barf!

philberesford's picture

For compression tights at night too

Carlgroover's picture

Why would you ride in anything else? It's simply the most comfortable thing to ride in. I'll use NZO shorts for a bit of social riding but anything over 2 hours you can't go past the quality padding and flexibility in a decent pair of knicks. Beyond 6 hours in the saddle you really should consider chamois cream.

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