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By Flynny - Posted on 05 August 2011

Looks like World trail have been busy at Kai-ring-gai

Little birdy tells me it should be ready to roll in a fortnight


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I was there on Monday so looks like quick progress there! On Monday they were moving a lot of dirt around with an excavator.

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that to me looks like its on the side of the hill where the "xc / flow" loop, as they keep calling it, is so maybe it's the bottom section of the trail that is documented but appears to be missing from Buck's profile. This might bring it back up again in length. The "xc / flow" loop does have lots of berms and bumps like that on it so whilst it looks like a typical pump track, it is not out of keeping with the rest of the "xc / flow" trail.

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I think it maybe up the top of the XC track. That is where the excavator was working on Monday. Right next to the skills area where the wood work is.

I will confirm tomorrow. Loz and I are going for an explore around that area.

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I've added a pic to the gallery but not sure how to link it here

Golden Jubilee, putting it into perspective

If that has worked then the then red clay area middle of pic is where the "pump" track will be, started work on it this week. The XC / flow track starts to the right of it, goes around the back of it just in front of the bush then snakes its way down the hill and then back up again, coming to the top just this side of the container.

The area on the right, pretty hard to see in this pic, is the skills area. The pic above posted by Flynny is definitely on the xc trail.

Have taken heaps more pics and will try to upload them later.

This is going to be popular, in the time I was there, about 15 mins tops, 4 groups of riders came down

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Any word on how this is going / whether it is rideable yet / when official opening is planned??

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