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A Day in Dargle

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By Lach - Posted on 15 August 2011

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Not a bad track there at Dargle. Plenty of interesting and challenging sniggle and plenty of sections to recover a bit in between. Still a little gluggy in places, but there was even a dusty section – haven’t seen dust around Sydney for months!

Seemed a slightly smaller crowd than Awaba a few weeks ago, but with the 12 hr on the day before, there were probably a few who opted for the 12 instead. Meant the track was well bedded in however.

A couple of the uphill pinches were a bit too much on the too hard side of difficult for this rider. I could claim being baulked by other riders on the first lap, but from there on it was just down to lack of ability / fitness. It was great to stand aside and watch some of the better riders grind their way up. And how good is that descent into the event centre!

I thought that a new hazard was being introduced to enduro riding when I heard gunfire at the head of one of the valleys, but I didn’t see any riders go down.

The top riders were all good about overtaking. I think having a track with so many easy overtaking opportunities makes everyone a bit more relaxed. Not that overtaking (as opposed to being overtaken) was much of an issue for me….

Probably the first time I've finished top 10 in my "aged" category (i.e. super masters), but as there was only 8 competitors, it's no great achievement. Would have struggled to crank out many more laps if I’d been keen (mad) enough to enter the 8hr (or actually the 7hr winter version).

The Bernard beer at the finish was cold and good.

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That gun fire was way too close for my liking. I found it quite daunting on one lap out towards the turnaround point when it sounded like it was only 100m away.

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