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Advice on Rotorua NZ

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By linco - Posted on 28 August 2011

So I am heading to the World Cup in NZ and naturally want to take in some of these beautiful Rotorua trails I have been hearing about. My question is do I hire a bike over there (my preference as I'm travelling around the country a bit) or do I take my own bike over. I ride a Giant Trance. Does anyone know where you can hire and the expense etc?

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I was in NZ for a business trip last year and went for the hire option. This worked very well since I found myself on a Yeti ASR-5C for the weekend.

I was very lucky however. I stayed at the Alpin Inn which is pretty basic accommodation but close to the trails. The guy who runs the place is a mountain biker and he arranged for the hire.

I had made a bike booking before I arrived with a tour company but this fell through - like they just forgot I had booked. I think the person from the hotel (Steve) felt sorry for me so made a few calls in town.

If you are interested in accommodation close to the trails the Alpin should be fine - and if you talk to Steve in advance he may well be able to help out with bike hire.

Just bring your shoes, and pedals unless they are Shimano.

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Did the rotorua trip march this year. The outdoorsman is the best place we found to hire.Ask for nigel. Sat/Sun best days too ride with shuttle. Good Luck.This place aint too be missed.

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Thanks for your help guys. Looking forward to hitting these apparent world class trails.

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Just got back from NZ and I would probably recommend taking your own bike if possible the reason for this being :

1. They are hire bikes and if something breaks it will cost you a lot more than if it was your own bike to fix
2. A lot of the hire shops dont want the bikes ridden in the grade 4-6 trails as the bikes possibly wont be up to the job and in some cases riders capabilities also
3. you will be more comfortable on your own bike

Saying this I ended up hiring a bike from Planet Bikes which is located at the Main trail entrance and Ed the owner gave me a heap of advise on the trails etc in there and also let me take his bikes on the grade 4 trails and was actually going to give me his personal bike and shoes to use unfortunately sizing wasn't right.

This place is amazing to ride and really unless you plan on hitting the gap jumps that are scattered through the place (mainly grade 4 - 6 trails though) a hardtail will do you just fine as it is mainly just beautiful fast flowing single track. It is so enjoyable riding there make sure you take your camelback so you can stay in there all day ( there are drink/water stations around the trails ).

Oh yeah the cost - to hire from planet bikes cost $35 NZ for 2 hours, $40 for 3 hours which includes helmet also.

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