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Sunday Funday Ride

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By SpokeyDokey - Posted on 30 September 2011

Sunday, 2 October, 2011 - 17:00
2 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it has rained on this trail today, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Oxford Falls (Morgan Road)
Meeting Point: 

Morgan Road, Belrose. At the second 90 degree right hand bend in the road. There's an area just before you can park and a firetrail heading off to the left.

-33.722089,151.228969 (Morgan Road)

With all the rain this week, and daylight savings kicking in, what better way to spend Sunday afternoon than some interval work up Morgan Road?

Who's in?
SpokeyDokey, thshs
SpokeyDokey thshs
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Lunch at Maybrook is served only between 12 and 1pm. I'll then need a lie down to allow my lunch to digest. I'd suggest we meet no earlier than 3pm.

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My bad. And thanks. How is 5pm?

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Sounds good.

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I'm keen but isn't Oxford falls all downhill? I've never actually ridden there myself.

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Normally, it is, but oldandslow and I thought with all the rain around that we would do hill sprints up Morgan Road. It's heaps of fun. When we finish, we might watch a replay of the rugby league

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hmmm miss the grand final to do hill sprints up Morgan rd the rain, sounds awesome count me in!

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Sorry mate, i wanna see manly get beaten live. Next time i'm down tho!

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Thanks very much, oldandslow. That was a cracking ride!

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