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The Friendly Ride: A good excuse to come and ride rydal

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By Flynny - Posted on 18 November 2011

Saturday, 26 November, 2011 (All day)
5 hours
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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The main rd in has been dusty as all get up so in an effort to keep on the good side of the locals it might be best to come in via the showground.

From the highway come into Rydal, cross the train tracks and take a left before the Pub (Showground signposted.)

Go around the top side of the show ground and follow the road around to the left. This will take you around towards the top side of the cemetery. from there a couple of cross rd will bring you back tot he bicentennial trail and thus the car park


As discussed here

Andy Friend is riding down the Bicentennial National trail to raise money for Brain Injury Australia.
So with that in mind we've teed up to meet him and do a few laps of the XC trail and then escort him 15km up the Bicentennial Trail to the Bark Ridge property where the owners will put on a BBQ to help raise money.(an idea of numbers before hand would be nice so if you can come on up let me know)

Seems like a good excuse for those who haven't rode Rydal yet to come on up and check it out. With a few hours to kill we'll be able to head in and do some exploring of the other trails in the area too if that's what people are keen for.

Also if you want to make a weekend of it we have a club round on the Sunday just up the road on the private Mt Lambie trail

The FRIENDly Ride is a three month Mountain Bike challenge for Andy and Kerri, who want to support a cause close to both their hearts after Kerri acquired a Brain Injury in an accident while Mountain Biking just 12 months ago. They are donating all sponsorship funds raised to Brain Injury Australia, and also The Outward Bound Foundation to run outdoor programs for participants with an Acquired Brain Injury.

This ride has been designed not only to test Andy’s physical and mental endurance on the bike, but also to assist Kerri with her recovery as she supports Andy all the way by being a part of the back up team.
There are many ways you too can support The FRIENDly Ride. Become one of the ride’s major sponsors and have your branding advertised on our support vehicle (while it is being driven from Cooktown to Canberra). Another sponsorship option provides your business with weekly feature advertising on the official website. You can also support by sponsoring to join Andy and ride with him on the final three days of the journey. Or simply by donating directly to Brain Injury Australia or Outward Bound by following the link’s on the website.

So come on …… be a part of this amazing journey!

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Anybody? Anybody? Beuller?

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would dig to attend but I am doing 8 1/4 hour at Awaba,keen to check out Rydal

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might be the only place to ride on the weekend!

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Revised start time of 2.30 as the rain is suppose to be clearing.

It's been quite wet. The trail does hold up well to water and drains quickly (Fire road is more of an issue int he wet than the single trail)

See how we go. If it's too wet we'll retire to the pub

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Rode with andy today. Top bloke, great rider and an awesome trip he has done.

It was good to meet Kerri too. amazing to see how well she is doing and has kept the ride on track and on course.

Don't forget you can make donations by following the links on Andy's web site

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