The Bahai Temple

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By shaun2910 - Posted on 17 October 2007

Theres a track just off Mona Vale Rd, opposite the Bahai Temple, initially its a fire trail but it turns into a steep single track with a couple a ramps. Does anyone know the 'official' name of this track?? Or any info about it? Its short, steep and so much fun.

Also once you've reached the bottom, and through the mud theres another single track to your right, how do u get to the entrance to this track, and 2 or 3 others further along the firetrail???

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Yes, this track is illegal past the end of the fire trail as it's in National Park.

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The track to the right at the end of the Bahai starts at oxford falls morgan rd
If you are acessing the Bahai track at the fire trail you miss out the bit cut in last summer which starts at the gap in the armco where there is parking just west of the the temple

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