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My old local trails!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 10 December 2011

This is my Mate Ali on one of my old local trails last week in North Yorkshire!

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Love all those trees - looks like great tight single track !

shano's picture

the sun is shining...lilttle bit of a breeze but otherwise quite nice! Laughing out loud

ben.archer's picture

Its grim up North

Hop fiend's picture

than we have had up here at Newcastle(NSW Aus.) lately!!

hawkeye's picture

... just the wrong clothes Eye-wink

Fankles's picture

Are you sure he didn't take a wrong turn and end up at the north pole? I swear I saw a penguin in the background somewhere...

GAZZA's picture

They breed them hard in Yorkshire mate. That's a good summers day!

ar_junkie's picture

Is that why you left then?

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