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HMBA Club XC Race Round 2

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By Brian - Posted on 04 February 2012

Sunday, 19 February, 2012 - 09:00
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Awaba State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Just up Jenkins Road from corner with Mount Faulk Road.


Pre race registration is available by emailing Steve the poinstscore officer: [email protected]
We STRONGLY suggest you use this to help minimize queues on race day.
Simply send through your Name, Race number and MTBA License number and skip the registration queue. Just go to the head of the line and pay and your ready to race.

On the day the registration tent will be set up in the clearing at the end of the down hill track.
Registration is from 7:30am to 8:30am

Laps numbers depend on conditions and sometimes the course is modified...

Staggered start, but all riders on the trail at the same time.

Cost last year was $10 for the race, plus day licence if needed.

Who's in?
scottm8, unclebullbar, Dicko, chrischris, andyfev, morrisan1, jht013, haya (8 riders)
scottm8 unclebullbar Dicko chrischris andyfev morrisan1 jht013 haya
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
chrischris HMBA XC Rd 2 Finished 3 00:58:21 10000 Mens D 1
Dicko HMBA XC Round 2 Finished 3 01:20:06 Mens B 10
andyfev HMBX XC Race Round 2 - Awaba State Forest Finished 3 01:26:38 Mens C 28

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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C'mon guys give the club some support.

With the January race washed out this is officially the first race of the season.

Will hopefully stay relatively dry for the race.

Last chance to get on the course at race speed before XC national round in March !!

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Yesterday was a great day, & today was complete sunshine! Hope it keeps up. Smiling

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I would love to but I really should spend some time at home since next month is going to be crazy.

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Can't wait but it'll be a very slow race for me as my training rides haven't exactly gone to plan... All I have to show for the past 6 weeks is a 6 km run and a 10 km road ride! But it's the taking part that counts Eye-wink

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What is thecondition of the road into the track? my vehicle has trouble if its wet or cut up by the rain.

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I did a lap of the track this morning and drove my car through the access road. It is pretty wet in places but the main issue was the erosion caused by the recent rain. The first part is particulary bumpy!

As for the track I did a lap of the red loop and was surprised at how much water was still standing. Very boggy in places making for slippery conditions. However, this said overall the track is probably around 85% dry

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First club race for me and Awaba showed some teeth today. Reverse sections, deep mud, a new hill that makes Camelbak look flat. Frantic.

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First club race, and I thought I knew Awaba pretty well, but those new climbs and doing things in reverse really mixes things up.

With all that climbing I am glad that they were only short laps. I clocked up almost 500m of climbing in 17.5km.

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@Dicko, So how were your legs after yesterday? Mine were pretty stuffed.

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All the climbing didn't help, but I pulled up pretty good from yesterday.

I think I was around mid pack in B grade, but don't really know until the results come out.

A. B, C grade started all together today, so unless you were first into the single track you had a fair bit of traffic to contend with.

I need to work on those sprint starts !

It was a good hitout though and I felt good once I got into my zone. I think all my laps were within 20 secs of each other. 18km is a little short for me though. I will post a blog once results come out.

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Lenny_GTA's picture

What trails were ridden in reverse? I couldn't get out/

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Did Mens B and C grade do the same number of laps and distance?

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B grade did new climb plus camelbak climb - 3 laps
C grade did new climb then straight into blue loop no camelbak - 3 laps

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As unclebullbar stated Awaba showed its teeth today and I reckon it actually bit me Eye-wink I haven't been that exhausted in a long time. Having said that, what awesome track... loved it Eye-wink

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